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Help identifying barrel


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May 19, 2020
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Casper, Wyoming
Friend of mine got 2 of these parked barrels in trade, trying to figure out what they go to.

Pretty sure it's an MG bbl, finish is parkerized, no stamps or proof marks that I saw.

Chamber looks like a 30-06, but could be 8mm or 303.




Any ideas as to what they are from?
It looks like one of the russian MG barrels (I cant remember which) chambered in 7.62x54r. Same round as the mosin.
No gas port.
Definitely feels heavier than a milsurp bolt action barrel.
Will bring some rounds to check the chamber. Didn't look like 7.62x 54R chamber walls were straight, not tapered.

The parkerizing on the threads hasn't been marred at all so they are new.
Chamber is 7.62 Nato.
27 1/2" overall length
Diameter at the end is 9/16" and 1 5/8" long
Threads at the chamber are 1 1/8" 13/16" to the shoulder
regular v thread no acme probably 7-8 TPI
Good call on the Mauser, I think that's it with a heavier profile. Not sure why they turned down the muzzle end.
Why would your friend trade for unknown items?

He probably got them for next to nothing. He runs a gunshop and people bring him in stuff they don't know anything about all the time. I believe this was part of an estate.