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Happy Easter.


May 21, 2020
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First, it's the best Jesus story. It's a huge Fuck You to the Authoritahs. The celestial reward for being crushed under the bootheels of the evil Roman and Jewish Empires is to rise to heaven and see those empires ground to dust by your agency. First one Empire grinds the other to dust and scatters the inhabitants to the wind for 2,000 years. Next, your religion grinds that Empire to dust and lays any erstwhile successors to rest for 1,500 years.

Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

Next, the commercial part of Easter is the last gimme holiday. I was never religious so Easter was always a 100% reward, 0% penalty holiday. The Easter Bunny is, at the same time, a Cute, and Noble, rabbit, that brings chocolate. The child in me says sign me up. A friendly, fuzzy, wrinkly-nosed bunny with long ears and a basket of hard-boiled eggs and chocolates? Are you telling me that doesn't excite you right now?

This was that one ****'s marshmallow holiday as well. :flipoff2:
WTF? when my kids were young, we would fucking HIDE the eggs. I drove to my farm yesterday and saw 3 different "egg hunts"

Sumbitches just walk out in an open area or field and just throw the plastic eggs out. It's like egg hunting helen keller style
We split town a few hours away under the excuse of home renovations. Wife is polish and those catholics are super serious about formal Easter. Sucks the fun out. I'm the oldest guy in my fam at 39 and gonna have a blowout party with a lamb on a spit cause Greek Easter is hitting in May this year. Anyone eat a lamb eyeball? Won't again till my son asks but I told my dad I would if he would and we chomped those fuckeers down. Sucked then but that memory always makes me smile
Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the first day of spring. (In case anyone is wondering why it changes yearly)
Happy Easter!

I felt like kind of a bum yesterday for not doing anything. Today I woke with a need to be productive. Pulled out two stumps by hand, and smashed up 3 huge rocks I’ve wanted gone for years.

I really should buy equipment to do all this. Nothing makes you feel more like a caveman sledging giant rocks.

Went to my parents’ house for dinner and taught the wife how to drive a manual tonight.

Big rocks into little rocks....you must be practicing for the type of re-education camps that may allow us to live.

I Can't swing hammers much anymore.....I will be going to the re-education ovens.

It reminded me that even though I’m almost 3 years from 40, I still got a damn good amount of strength left. :smokin:
Yeah you have Dad strength. Also get to work on that hammer, it looks quite a bit sharper than my splitting mauls.:flipoff2:
Hey Skippy since you claim to be so smart where does the Easter bunny come in and why
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