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Jul 21, 2020
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Hoosier State
Long time aircooled guy.

Too long since I had a VW project.

Patina build.

Pan off planned in October.
Local VW guys are helping me.
Hopefully I turn this around and drive it in the snow this Winter.
I had a ‘73 back in the college daze and bumper skiing was so great to get around a bunch of drunks

Found it locally and $1500 dollars later it was delivered to me by an older farmer and his wife.
Great people

Numbers matching, so original and the trunk/ foot box is flawless :smokin:

First order of business was to get in rolling
14” tires are difficult to find these days.
Lucky 🍀 for me I had a source for matched sets
Scored a few engines this week.
1776 dualport that is seized ATM and a neat little single port ready to rip.

One exhaust stud is fubarred but other than that she’s going to go in Guac so we can have some Winter fun
Had a few hours to myself today and started sanding the hood to get out the natural aged paint and see if it looks worthwhile.
I am more than happy with it
Heck ya, I currently have 3 Things. I had an Avacado Green one a few years back, supposedly the rarest color.
That’s what I am talking about 🔥.
There is a guy in Cincinnati that advertises on The Samba that is buying and selling VW, aircooled Porsche parts and has a bunch of Thing parts as well.
Yeah, that's Lil Dave. He has quite the hoard of stuff, and honestly there are a shitload of VWs running around Ohio. The only one of my Things I have pics of on my computer is my current bagged car, I have one that getting lifted as well.


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Current plan is to swap the locked OE engine for the single port and just get it running.

Between a few parts here and there , I think we could have it doing donuts in a few days work.

Long term plan is pan-off and sand the patina smooth.

Basically a Class 11 Thing resto-mod.

Nothing fancy, just the basics.
Less is more