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Gov Planet purchases


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Jun 7, 2020
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Post your stories of your GP experiences here. I'm curious about all of the yards.

Right now, I'm wondering what it's like to purchase and pick up from the Yermo, CA. yard. When they say "no dock or forklift, only gooseneck or trailer with ramps", what do they load you up with?

Last few times I've called the numbers provided, about all I can get is Richie Bros staff that know little to nothing about the GP yards and if they give me a contact number, it doesn't seem to go to anything.
I bought a CUCV Blazer on GOV liquidations back in 2010, it was a pretty painless experience.
I showed up at the entrance to the base at the date and time scheduled, a sergeant and some lackey escorted me back to where the vehicle was.
They did all the work getting it fired up and on my trailer, all I had to do was strap it down.
The listing said "running condition unknown" but the guys said all the vehicles at that base for sale ran.

I would say there will be more accommodation for you than advertised, they just don't want every idiot coming completely unprepared.
I bet there is something to load you, i mean, someone has to move all the junk they sell around the base/storage yard somehow...
Bought a piece of equipment last year. They weren’t supposed to help you do any work or load anything. Gave a guy working there $20 and he helped load the equipment with a forklift.
Let see, 5 ton Cargo truck M54 back in 93 or so and a 2.5 ton truck tractor M249 or something 81 chevy van back in 96/97 from a base sale in Stockton.

A few generators that have come and gone a 80 or so ft mine layer in 95 also from rough and ready naval base in Stockton parked it next to my at the time girlfriends house boat in sausalito.

Trucks, semi trailers etc.

Paid 3K for a M1008 CUCV 15 years ago fast forward to a few years ago was T boned down in chico and truck was totalled by ins company, made more $ from selling the cab and title as the truck is smog exempt in California, sold the axles for the price I paid 15 years ago 3K so did real good selling off parts of that truck on local CL and insurance also paid off.
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If you have a question about the loading situation call the main number for the base (preferably at 10am on a Monday) and ask "Who handles the govplanet stuff? I have some questions about conflicting info and I figure it's best to ask the people who are actually there."
Same thing again.

Talked to a couple people at the Barstow base. They gave me a number. The number is disconnected.

Called the Gov Planet number. Got an Indian voice after waiting about 30 minutes. Won't tell me anything beyond what the GP listings say about item pick up.

I know that they have equipment to move all this stuff without a sweat. I've got a flatbed truck and plenty of time. Neighbors and myself have been interested in some stuff there, but I haven't been there yet and need to have items loaded with a forklift.
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Should be a number to schedule an inspection on the auction item listing itself. Try that number.
Should be a number to schedule an inspection on the auction item listing itself. Try that number.

Haven't seen a number for inspection in quite a while. Perhaps for complete vehicles? We're after parts and equipment that's too heavy for even two of us to lift. I'm going to call Barstow again to let them know that the number doesn't work. Maybe they can find an alternative.
its different everywhere, some will help and some will watch you sweat your balls off while they keep driving by on a forklift. from the big warehouses it has all ways been pretty good. lots of variables on the bases.
Bought a Kubota zero turn, I sent a friend to pick it up and the place loaded on the trailer with a forklift.
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