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May 22, 2020
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in your sisters ass
Since we only live once, I guessed it was time to start one more project. :D
This 1990 mercedes 6X6 has been a rally raid assistance truck since new.
I'm trying to make it more multifunctional.

Truck specs
1990 2635 ak 6x6 factory rally raid version
OM442A 14.6L V8 twin turbo
16sp mercedes manual + 2sp zf transfer
5 diff lock
14.00r20 XZLs
850L fuel tank (225gal)
in-cab FIA roll cage, bucket seats and harness
8x Ohlins shocks

As it sits right now...


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Not just yet.
I've been busy with other stuff and the plasma table is down at the moment.
Next job is putting together the dual 4in straight pipes :grinpimp:
OMG I want. Amazing..... I have dreamed of buying ex Dakar trucks for a long time.....
I had the crane delivered to my friends warehouse. Another benefit is the overhead crane which will help for the install when the chassis is done.
Big forklifts are fun... I have an old hyster 25k... project. :laughing:
well I just put a magnet on one hub and its definately not aluminium, but the hubs are planetary gear reduction indeed.
I guess that makes them "cast iron merc. planetaries" :grinpimp:
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Got my enlargement operation going

The oil tank from the hooklift fitted well on the side of the chassis, but I need more capacity for the crane.
Lengthening the potato-shaped tank somehow felt like a good idea.
.120 plate in the plate "roller" and test fit.



6 months for an exhaust pipe and a half welded tank, that looks like some south of France schedule if I say to myself 😂
Good to see a big truck project on the board !