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GM Gen 3/4 Bible

So, I am dyslexic and suck at matching GM gen 3 and 4 engine architectures, so I found a really cool injector type pic... and thought we need a bible on this stuff.

Like I am matching an engine and trans, by updating my LH6 from 2007 to 2011 specs (has DOD and AFR delete, via a sloppy stage 2 cam).
It's already 58X, but I do need to figure out what cam sensor I have in it.


From here: LS Fuel Injector Guide

This is also good stuff: LSX Guide

Holley finally came out with 6L80E control, so I am just doing a TERMINATOR X MAX 58X LATE TRUCK WITH 6L80 CONTROL, but I needed to know what plugs for injectors, (EV6) and found some upgrades now, that will work with my cam better... going from 30 lb to 44lbs with drop ins.

What else is out there?

Alternator plug types, MAF and conversions.

Drop pics, part numbers, etc, please?
Other things to look out for: Timing sets, piston to rod pins, rods knock sensor locations, steam ports, etc.

Like some Gen 3 rods are press fit pins into the pistons and Gen 4 is floating, and the rods are stronger.

So I am doing Gen4 5.3L rods into an gen 3 L33, with L33 ( came with floating pins) pistons and a 24x L33 crank, to build a "best of" that is cheap.
Biggest thing I've learned not to do again is put the knock sensors in the valley pan. It's fuggin stupid. Use the relocate kits to put em down by the oil pan or out em on the back side of the heads.

My bank 1 is still playing fucking dumb even with a new engine harness.

Them Terminator kits are very nice but price tag into Canada is almost $3k with DBW and trans control.
BTW, 54lb injectors, GM OEM, cheap:

Confirmed, I bought several sets.
The middle one (-2) is known as F-Body spacing everywhere else besides ICT Billet
But also adds the later GTO. It's also a specific year of F-body, gen 4. Gen 5 and 6 F body are different.
BTW, 54lb injectors, GM OEM, cheap:

Confirmed, I bought several sets.

That is what I used in my 6.0 swap because of the EV6 connection and low price. I think it was 2010 6.0 stock injector that was E85 capable.
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