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From the facebook. Assclown actually thinks he did a great job and this is the best ground set up of all time.

Had a tachometer on a boat giving me trouble. No local part available so I replaced the corrosion on the circuit board with solder. Worked well enough to decide the sender was OK.

This drag link was on my F250 when I bought it, with one of those super sweet steering arm lift blocks bolted to the knuckle for added play. Both ends were worn completely the fuck out, weren't worth the wire used to cobble this together.

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it would work just fine though, right?

Maybe for a little while. But it looks totally butch. Also used red wires for ground leads (who the fuck does that? Auto grounds should always be black) then there is that awesome open terminal with the set screw just begging for corrosion to destroy that wire. Don’t even get me started on the spike thing with the 3 spacer nuts and a wing nut. Oh and the butch routing too.
I didn't notice the red line running there, yeah that would confuse me for sure! :confused: