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gay pride embedded in Microsoft 365 outlook

Those mature enough to not give a fuck?

That's a terrible argument:

If you don't agree with me, you're immature.

You got that from a woman.

While I couldn't care less about the gayz, there was a certain amount of resources expended in putting Gay Pride in a product that you don't have the option to opt out of.

Microsoft is notorious for this, so you can't say "oh gee, $2 extra!" So what if it is $2 extra? That's $2 to a political movement that he doesn't agree with. Microsoft got sued by the Federal Government (too late) for packaging vaporware and forcing people to take package software products to drive competitors out of the market. This is more of the same, but politics.

You should not be supporting a Giant Corporation that takes choice away from consumers. That's not liberal at all, I am not being pedantic or being an Abslutist: what the fuck are you doing supporting forced political ideology pushed by a Giant Corp? Just because you agree with it, it's ok? That's hypocrisy.
still better than clippy

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