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Friday night losers club!!!!1!

Just got home from work. Going to the girls tonight for a movie night. Hopefully opening the pool this weekend, got a few Tee times planned, and I took off Tues, so a nice 4 day weekend for me. Extra bonus May is one of our 3 pay check months, so next week is a pay day again. Should help offset the cost of the backhoe parts I had to buy.
Gave the glass guy a visit about an hour ago. He lent me a seal cutter so I can remove the windshield on the truck by myself and clean up the cab for the new one and patch a couple small rust holes, since he's charging me a lot less that way. So once that's all cleaned up, I'm going back into the garage to play with a much nicer TIG welder than the one I own. At some point gonna make pizza and probably watch a few episodes of a TV show with the wife and hit the hay.

Friday/Saturday nights have surely become a whole lot different since I quit drinking. It's a lot more boring than getting buzzed in the garage, but I sure as hell get a lot more done, make less mistakes, and feel better the next morning.
Sitting here drinking a beer watching my wife paint....been putting new flooring in the first level, after shes done I can continue down the hall...hoping to wrap up this weekend...then the fun part, trim work! I am NOT a fucking carpenter, should be entertaining.
Still sitiing at work - gotta kill another 1 1/2 hours before I am out of here!
Waiting for wife to finish work from home. She is cussing in Punjabi at State slug idiots in HR while writing e-mails and handling docs .. . Looking forward to first eve out together at a sit down restaurant in some time. Daughter and friend both working this evening. House will be ours and the mutt's. No complaints.
In. Sunburnt and tired from the past two days of getting stuff done. We’re projected to get 3-7” of rain in the next few days. Will be up early again tomorrow trying to get field work done in case the weathermen are correct.

Watching them do a puzzle (I have no patience for it). Browsing online. Lots of little errands today.

And best of all ..... battling poison ivy.
Well shit....now I'm at the paint store because she ran out :lmao:
you rat bastard, this has been my thing since you went away.

nothing special. ready for a riding weekend

I didn't go away, i just stopped being a loser :flipoff2:

But tonight i am a loser for sure. Got off my last conference call at 5 and was driving out of the work parking lot by 5:02 got home and promptly started drinking beer.
In. Understaffed overworked boohoo nonsense. Got the Corona extra all is well, 4 day weekend :flipoff2:

Spent the day cleaning up around here and making multiple dump runs, now it's raining like a motherfucker so finishing the yard work is out, Garage is finally unpacked and if I had some lumber I would be building a bench and shelves. Tried to play with a SNES classic I picked up and I don't really care for it like I thought I would.

So here I sit with my OG Coors surfing with the GF watching some docs and the dogs wore out and curled up at my feet.

Sometimes being a FNL ain't so bad.
Drinking beer changed the oil in the jeep, and cut the grass.
Gaming. Wife just sent me this:

Never watched the show, but kinda neat.
In, first week back to work and although it was good for the mind, it was hell on the body.

Vacation day on a long weekend, but far from resting. Spent the better part of the day hand sanding paint out of an engine compartment. kid got half done and ran out of primer, so rattle canned it..


The two primer/sealers did not get along, so some kind of a reaction and we are sanding it all out..

Oh ya, Sipping Casadores Tequila.:homer: