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Friday night losers club!!!!1!


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May 19, 2020
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Syracuse, NY

Built a swamp cooler today. Working on my jeep in this heat is much more enjoyable now.
Just got home from another 60+ hr week, I'm beat.
About to start troubleshooting a hard knock my Cummins developed after 40 miles on new injectors, hoping it doesn't get expensive.:homer:
In tried to get my 71 F350 inspected today since its and antique everyone said its easy to get a title whenits lost on an antique. I guess not. Trooper said there is still a title for it somewhere and I have to go back to the last person that tagged it and talk them into filing for a lost title. Trooper said if it was from out of state It would be easy for me to get it titled.

Then onto me next project of the day to get the Baby B Allis going. I got it running only to find it has no oil pressure. Nothing not even a drop when I removed the guage. I pulled the filter off and it was bone dry too. I took the lines off and they were clear. I blew air into it and they were clear I could hear the oil bubbling in the pan. So I am guessing the pump is bad. Too bad the pump is not in the pan its on the back of the engine so I have to split it to change the pump.

Then onto the next project my Polaris Sportsman 500 I got from some friends last weekend. Last weekend I drained the old fuel and put new in. Today I put a new battery in and it fired right up and ran great. I figured I would need to clean the carb but I didnt have to even pull it off.

Then I went inside to take a shower before I pick up the little girl and I pulled everything out of my pockets and when I pulled my belt off I remembered I had a new set of boots and a belt out in the Denali so I ran out there in my socks and grabbed them and went to go back inside only to realize the door locked behind me. No big deal I left the back door unlocked. Nope. Locked. No problem I have a spare key hidden. Nope its gone. FML here I am in my socks thinking wtf. Then I realize the reason I came out was to get boots so I put my new boots on. I didnt want to use them yet. Then I remembered my mon has a spare key and luckily I had left the keys in the Denali so I drove over there and they were gone. Fml. I knew of a way to break into my house without damge but I needed a screwdriver and my garage was closed. I looked in the glovebox and luckily there was on in there. I go to unscrew it and realize its flathead and I have a philips. Then I go to my kids grandpas house a block over and borrow a drill with flathead from him to break into my house. Well I got in but not in time to take a shower before getting the baby girl.

At the rate I am going I dont want to do much of anything else this weekend since it will probably go bad.
In. 4 day weekend, going to start building on my carport tomorrow. This week is my new record most $$$ made in a week with no OT. Much beer will vanish from the shop fridge this weekend.

Got back in the gym about a month ago... still look like shit but feel soooo much better.
Work had us move to a new sorting station, past couple days have been semi-vacation (about half of what we typically deliver on a regular day).
Today I had 75 stops and knocked that out in two hours, got home in record time (still get paid for the full day).
Likely to go for a canyon cruise once the heat dies down a bit, think we hit 94* today.
No grand plans, might have some side work if a buddy comes through with it.
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almost finished my ar45 today, but farked up the grip screw threads, had to retap it, did not have the correct one here......10,086 screws here and did not have a 1/4" 20 cap screw.

so started building my 1911 80%
got the rails cut, the slide is smooth as silk.
In. Worked my ass off this week fixing pools in the AZ heat. The week before the 4th is always busy, but with everybody home using their pools, it was even busier. Chillin in here with a glass of bourbon now.
In. Still have something in my eye I cant get out. Something bit or stung Chunk, so his right eye is also strokey looking. Hung fly traps and fogged the yard. Looking for decent work boots as my redwings shit the bed.
Came home after only a couple hours at work. Wife was having contractions and we thought it was go time. Turned out to be a false alarm.
In. I did 5.4 stuff today, I would not recommend it. Fucked myself and didn't discharge the A/C before I left work yesterday so I did almost the whole job with the passenger valve cover still in the truck till my buddy could swing by and evac it for me.

In. Drone to. Chico this morning, fixed some of the deck boards. Packed the kiddos stuff up in the enclosed trailer and dragged it all home. Unloaded just the stuff in the back of the truck. The rest can wait till tomorrow.

drinking a beer about ready for bed. My awesome wife just made me a quesadilla with all the fixens.:smokin:
In kind of

Me and Mrs repainted the office/pantry today. It sounds like she will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, which she is very happy about. We have it set up where she can be in a Zoom meeting and me or the kid can still sneak in to get a snack without disruption

Now we’re snacking on pigs-in-a-blanket, and sipping on rum&cokes
Been having sleep issues again - either can't fall asleep or can't stay asleep. Some nights I'll fall asleep after 1am and other nights I'll wake up at 1am. I typically get up between 3:30 and 4:14am work for, so not a lot of hours of sleep. Every night this last week was a terrible night sleep besides one night. Went to bed around 1am last night/this morning and slept until 12:30pm :eek: I'm mad that I wasted most of the day, but figured I needed it.

Got some stuff done around the house then Husband and I actually got halfway dressed up for dinner and went out. It was a great night to sit outside and had an awesome meal. Now having a few cocktails and watching 1917. Planning for an early morning to make breakfast, get some stuff done around here and then hit the river for some fishing.

Husband has always manned the smoker, I've never tried anything. Going to brine a chicken tomorrow, put together a rub and try my hand at smoking come Sunday.
:usa: Kind of at the shit or get off the pot moment on sleeping for a few hours. Need to get a fire going here in a couple of hours and get a brisket on.
Been doing yard work while drinking some good local cider. Finally ate, going to bed.
Tomorrow will be a good day. The morning may suck but I gotta be good. No hair of dog, I'm on 2 wheels all day tomorrow.
In late, fell asleep in my chair which is SOP.
Fixed the bent tongue on my utility trailer, been bent for 15-20 years, layed down some nice booger welds.
Plan is to fix my neighbors utility trailer today, it took a hit from a couple trees from the wind storm a few months back.
Clearly that is how 'you' got into this situation... :lmao:

Well shit, yer probably right :lmao:. I left work early yesterday for a false alarm, no work today due to the holiday but I'm back at it again tomorrow... unless she decides to really go into labor this time.
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