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Folding saws...Silky, etc


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May 20, 2020
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Black Hills, SoDak
I need a trail saw for the wheeler. I have a bow saw but it's been a bit of a PIA. But I've been looking at a few places and there are a pile of saws that I can't really tell what the difference between them are.

Like here: https://www.treestuff.com/saws-and-tools/saws-pruners/hand-saws/


Or do you just pick one?
i have a silky big boy for my dirt bike back pack it works great. i have cut up to a 12 inch tree with it on occasion but for my truck i have a stihl ms260....
I have a mini Silky, it is sweet.


Its mostly for hunting trips, it can pretty easily process firewood about an inch smaller than the blade length. I wanted a small, light one, and medium teeth that works for wood and bone. From the link you posted I’d probably buy the gunfighter one simply based on the name.

They are super quick, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually faster than the M12 hacksall somebody posted. :laughing:
What's the most you need to cut with this saw? I like having enough blade length to make decent progress on each pull, so the standby "2x limb diameter = blade length" feels a bit short.

From there, pick a brand you like (Silky is awesome) and choose from their tooth count/tooth size based on their recommendations for the type of wood you plan to cut.

I'm a bit of a cheapass here and mostly have Fiskars saws. They work and I won't cry if I lose one out and about.
I'm guessing somewhere around a 13" would be close. hard to say on the size as depends if it's on the bike or the buggy. Could be a branch or a tree.

I haven't seen and recomdation charts.
Well found a Silky with the large teeth and a cutting notch. Should be handy around the property as well. Thanks.
Silky makes a kick ass saw. Watch your fingers, I've made a couple ER runs for stiches with a tree trimmer leaking blood all over my work truck after they got sideways with a silky :laughing:
I picked up a couple Bahco Laplanders for the emergency kits in the cars. Very very happy with them, but its like a 7-8" blade. I grabbed a Fiskar 10" folder from Lowes. Its like 20$ and have used that a bunch for cutting wood for fires while out camping.
I'm gonna have to watch my fingers now. I never liked the straight grip saws very much. I prefer the handsaw type grip which is why I gravitated towards the Silky saw with the pistol-ish type grip.
I've got the Gomboy and love it, For what I do I got the large teeth and it'll handle up to 6" stuff pretty easily. Definitely faster than firing up the chainsaw for a couple limbs or blown over smaller trees.
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