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land of milk and honey
May 19, 2020
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land of milk and honey
enjoying a cervaza
worked in the am
then cane home
we installed 500 sf laminate flooring
finished basement 80% complete
just need cabinets base trim and doors installed
In, enjoying a hazy IPA from Revolution Brewery in Shitcago , then off to slumber land as I have to be on the job at 1am and actually function.
In. The Mrs. is on call today and got called in at 0745, got to leave for 30 mins to grab a bite and was called back. So I sit and wait.

edit. Just found out the 1984 Talking Heads movie Stop Making Sense is on youtube, so that will be killing my next hour and a half.
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In, dragging ass from being up late with the dog last night. She's a big scary bitch till someone lights a firecracker, spent most of the night with all 80 pounds of her cowering in my lap.

Been pouring rain all day, good day to stay inside and not do shit.
enjoying a cervaza
worked in the am
then cane home
we installed 500 sf laminate flooring
finished basement 80% complete
just need cabinets base trim and doors installed

Sounds like we are in about the same spot.

In, took the day off. After two days straight of drywall mudding and nailing down prefinished hardwood, my forearms are killing me. Tomorrow I will finish the last couple 100 ft. Of hardwood, finish the drywall texture in the patched areas, baseboard and if I have time start cabinet install. If nb it wasn't for the wife and kiddo helping I dont think I'd be able to move at all today.
In, didn't do much today. I went and looked at an older F350 dump only to have the guy tell me someone else is supposed to have the money tomorrow, no deposit or anything! I made him an offer which he declined, supposed to call me in the am if the other guy flakes.
Snacks during the day now out in the machine shop until 9-10 I assume.
At least I have Sailor Jerry keeping me company.

Cleaned up the house, then turned the radio on kicked back and read a book. Just had buffalo sausage, cheese and crackers for a snack.

Didn’t do much this morning. This afternoon we had one of the nieces do family portraits for us since the oldest is out from New York. Then we did some impromptu wine tasting after the pictures.

Mrs is trying out a new black eyed pea recipe, and baby backs are in the smoker :smokin:

Sipping on this before dinner
Been raining heavy all day here in Georgia, thinking about loading up my truck and heading west again next week, sitting here on my ass isn't doing any good.

Wife is hungover. The baby boy looked her dead in the eye and ripped the biggest, longest fart ever. Baby blew his diaper out so bad we had to throw the onesie away. I couldn't stop laughing.

Drinking beer. Surfing the net. Its freezing rain outside so nowhere to go.

it’s moments like this I remember why I won’t be drinking when my second is here. Hungover with a nasty mud spraying fart will definitely make life bad enough without being hungover

took my kid to the discovery museum, watched a movie, let him crash his bike for the first time, then took him to Home Depot to kill some time before bed because watching tv all day bugs me. Tomorrow is more discovery museum or else he can ‘help’ me take down Christmas lights.
Spent the morning pulling the exhaust manifold off a m11 in a excavator. Got lucky and the broken studs came out really easy. Got the fleet of sno scoots out and got a few running. Now watching a little tv and starting to plot how I’m gonna either build or modify a pipe for the exciter.
In. Puppy is pacing, dont know if he wants a toy, or the food hes been refusing to eat all day. He ain't getting either. Going to make burritos for dinner. Anyone know if PCU is streaming anywhere?
Brake pedal in my truck got soft today.


Fortunately, I bought all the parts 2 years ago when the pads were worn out.


So its just a 3 martini night tonight. Got a big day tomorrow.


Started the day with coffee and Baily's, figured we would get the day drinking started right. Did not much and transitioned into the OG Coors and posting here, felt a little froggy so logged into the place we all came from and took a shit over there, thanks Flecker:flipoff2:.

Oh yea got some chinky chow meow on the way, it'll be good hangover food for tomorrow.
Shit I’ll join in today’s beverage, been a minute since I’ve had some Zaya.

Doing a timing belt in my wife’s Highlander and the crank pulley is fucked and cut a groove in the timing cover. Got one coming from rock auto so I didn’t do shit on it since I can’t drive it today :laughing:

Found out the limit my 4 year old will go for a bike ride. He was overtired at bedtime but not bad. Seven year old had an insulin pump fail and suggested making a YouTube channel showing different ways to destroy them. They beep a high pitched Tinnitus maddening beep until the battery runs out so they get fucking destroyed to shut them up.

Walked in on my wife talking from the phone saying “that’s creepy”. I just went over and stuck my face 1/8” from hers and she just laughed. Her sister was on the phone.

Their mom has been duped by some African romance scam for about 3 years now and won’t believe anything but that it’s her soulmate. The sister left her wife about 6 months ago because shit went sideways and found a new lady. She split up with the new lady a few days agoand the African scammer texted her on WhatsApp. Ok so I got nothing on that.

Then we started discussing the things the jobless sister in law could do on onlyfans or whatever that shit is to make money. Not totally unexpected since the last time she worked was 2002ish and all the sugar mommas dropped her like a hot potato. Wife and her sister were talking foot fetish. I told her to do good cop/bad cop with the car accident damaged foot and the normal one. Then I took the conversation right to the moneyshot when I mentioned some things a blond in her mid 30s that could take her dentures out might do to earn some streaming $$$.

Grilled up some Klebasa the wife used in some sausage and bean soup. That was yummy. Time for some rum.

Just another day in Florida.

In, started the morning working on a used Power America I bought Thursday. Rest of the day was spent cutting trees making room to plant Fraser Firs. Wife and kid helped clean up the tops, so that was nice. Passed out, up now thinking about cutting more pines when the sun comes up.
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