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FEL worth?


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May 19, 2020
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Have a VERY nice ML 40B loader with close to no hours on it. Came off a small challenger. Maybe a 295? Anyways most of the paint is still inside the bucket lol. What are these worth as a lone attachment?
$1000 to $1500 in the condition you state.

Did you see one sold on purplewave.com 10/17/18 for $1295 or so it seems. Looked to be in the condition you described.
It's worth 3-4k to a guy with a 295 Challenger that wants a loader... 1-2k to the more likely guy with a random small tractor that thinks he can make it work.
I have a damn near new Deere 673 Loader that I cant give away. Bought it to put on a tractor for a job, and hasnt been back on since. New they are around $10k, been asking 4500 for about a year now with no bites.
iseki? When you try to sell it make sure and list all the sub-brands as well that it might fit. Be prepared to set on it a long time, and also be clear you are willing to pallet it to ship. The likely hood that you'll find a guy that has the tractor that it fits and already has the loader hydraulic kit but needs the loader, is low. On the other hand it's probably pretty hard to find one if you need one so you'd be willing to pay a good price plus shipping. My old man bought a couple loaders for deere's that size and had them shipped and it was around $400 a piece.
If it was green it would be 4-5k+shipping
I just happen to have a Challenger MT285B and that loader.... Yes the Massey Ferguson 1547 is the same tractor, so it would probably fit that too, but do you have the frame mounts to go with it or just the loader?

I'd ask this question on https://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/ in the attachments section and see what kind of interest you would get. They have pretty good traffic there.
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