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EVSwap Land Cruiser 80 Series

Here are some more photos from wheeling a few weeks ago my buddy Colten took: www.instagram.com/Colten.photo










Got a big thumbs up from Matt himself at The Wrecker Games! He was riding with Yankum Ropes who rolled his 80 series a little bit earlier!
Extremely cool project! Do you know if you net saved weight? The 1FZ is a fat pig, but that's a lot of batteries too.
Thanks! It's almost exactly the same weight. When it was 100% stock it was 5180lbs and as it sits now it's 5280lbs. But now it has 33s and steel bumpers, winch etc. Going to add another battery pack and that will bring the weight up a bit more.
Didn't see it covered in the other build thread, but may have missed it, how are you powering the winch? 12v battery handling the load and DC/DC converter to keep the battery topped up?
Didn't see it covered in the other build thread, but may have missed it, how are you powering the winch? 12v battery handling the load and DC/DC converter to keep the battery topped up?
Yep, exactly. I have an Optima yellow top and the DC-DC can output up to 2500 watts so it actually runs the winch amazingly well. Haven't used it to get unstuck but I pulled a couple of tree stumps out!
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Yesterday I went out and really pushed the truck to the limits of the battery. I climbed up about 4,700 vertical feet and did a total distance of 42 miles (21 out and 21 back). At the very top of the mountain I was at 12,150 ft elevation and my battery lowest percentage was 18%. When I made it back down into town my battery was at 30%. This included a few miles of driving on the interstate and mountain roads before getting to the trailhead. My efficiency is about 2.1 miles/kwh which is about the same as what the Rivian and Hummer EV get.

I went out with our 4x4 club and met with the nonprofit Stay the Trail and the US Forest Service Rangers. Our club sponsors Kingston Peak trail so every year we go and clean the trail of trash and complete any service projects the Forest Service has for us. This year due to tons of snow the trail was not open yet. We went and opened the gates with the rangers and cleared out some snow drifts so that the trail could be officially opened. The ranger districts are really low on staff, there is only a handful of Rangers for tens of thousands of acres of land. They need all the help that they can get and our club is dedicated to keeping the trails open. Stay the Trail is dedicated to educating new OHV users about the legal 4x4 trails and conservation. In CO going off trail is illegal and results in the closing down of 4x4 routes and other bad stuff. The mountain wildlife is very delicate especially above tree-line.

This is definitely the furthest I've driven the truck in one go and the lowest I've taken the battery out in the wilderness and the highest elevation I've reached yet. It was all uphill so I knew that at any point I could turn around and coast pretty much all the way back to civilization. I also had buddies with straps in case I needed a tow. In the end I didn't need any of these contingencies and I was able to get all the way to the peak and down the other side to the service project area and then back up and over back to where I started. I had a few nailbiting moments on the way up, but once at the peak my confidence grew.

The truck performed flawlessly as always. Not a single issue cropped up. The Rangers thought it was awesome and we met a lot of hikers who were blown away by it too.















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I will be at Ohm on the Range's State of Charge '23 again this year! There are still spots open for the conference as well as Legacy EV hands-on training. Or come out on Saturday for the "La Vida Volta" EV car show expo which is FREE and open to the public!

Check out the website soc23.com

There are going to be some amazing EV conversions including TWO DeLorean conversions, the amazing EV Supercar, a '65 Shelby Cobra (replica) and of course my EVSwap Land Cruiser!

Public EV car show will be on Saturday the 5th at 3-7pm at Golden High School, Golden, CO.

Photo from last year's event:
Reminder to come out to Ohm on the Range State of Charge EV car show this Saturday 3-7:30pm at Golden High School. Same day as the Golden Cruise!

I got the chance to drive some amazing EV conversions and also run my 80 through a little autocross course after the State of Charge event last week. Glad I fixed my rear sway bar link!

Check out this interview that Hypercraft put out! Some other amazing EV conversions are featured as well!

Check out my video from the Offroad Wrecker Games earlier this year! Sand Hollow is such an amazing place and the EVSwap Land Cruiser drives so nice offroad!