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Do you think South Park has the balls to cover the unrest in the country right now?


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May 19, 2020
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I say they make a COVID episode but I don't think they will touch BLM.

I'm really hoping they do a CHAZ/CHOP episode.
Yes they have the balls and already parodied BLM.

They next seasons going to be pretty awesome.
I don’t know, Comedy Central removed all the Mohammed episodes from their library.

This is a huge thread on reddit right now.

The first segment is the actual segment. The second segment is what was aired on HBOGO or whatever bullshit channel it was on.
Will depend more on whos showing the show than the creators. SP has been edited a lot by Comedy Central and their PC pussy execs. Luckily I have digital copies of all the originals through season 18. Also kind of pissed HBOMAX bought the rights as you cannot stream it on ROkU TV's right now...
Oh, they'll make it. Now we'll see if Comedy Central will have the balls to air it.
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