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Dana 80 powr lok question


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May 19, 2020
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Ive put ~65k miles on this truck in the last 2.5 years, when I first got it the diff would click/pop while going around corners like the locker was really tight. It stopped doing it so harshly after a few thousand miles up until I changed the diff fluid last week. I used Lucas 75w140 and a 4oz bottle of lubeguard limited slip additive.
It started to click/pop while turning almost immediately after the fluid change, Did the new gear oil/additive make the LSD more aggressive or am I just losing my mind?

Also, there was no metal shavings/flakes and the fluid that came out looked perfect. Shafts, backlash and bearings are all in good shape

iirc those dana power-lok diffs are just a bunch of steel plates without friction lining
meaning they're pretty sensitive to different conditions without the paper in there

they stacked up the clutches stupid from the factory to make them not hold as good in oe application stuff, try restacking the clutch packs so less of the discs are coming into play
This is for the 60/70 model but it should apply to the model also.

This is for the 60/70 model but it should apply to the model also.

Thank you, ill order up a rebuild kit for the carrier from ECGS and set it up in the medium range.
Sounds like a damn Detroit locker, it does lock up well though I've never had it slip.
honestly I'd just be glad it is less of a pussy diff than most limited slips
IIRC, I always bought the mopar fluid. Multiple guys on the dodge forums will say add a tube, drive it, see how you like it for a week. If too much locking acting add another one and repeat till you are happy.
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