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Dana 18/20 Hybrid


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Jul 25, 2020
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Before I completely screw this up, do I need ANY of the guts/externals from the Dana 20? I'm using all of my Dana 18 parts in the 20 case. I don't think I need any of it, but want to double check.

Also, if I don't need any of it, I have all of the stuff up for grabs. Before I throw anything away, I want to offer it up to someone here.

I would keep the shift forks just in case you need to do some modifcating. I used 18 gears with a bronco Tshift rear sliding gear in a Jtruck case.
been a long time since i did it, but... I made my 20 into an 18.. think i just used the front and rear output assemblys (including shifters) from the a 18 and left out 1 gear. i wouldn't toss any of it until I had it back together.
You'll need the sliding gear from a Bronco Dana 20. If not you'll need to modify the shift fork to fit the 18 sliding gear.
It's been long enough I can't remember which is which.


Never mind you'll still need the slider from the bronco case.18 is missing this gear. Make sure it's the 2.46 slider.
I spaced it on the pics those are jeep gears into a bronco case.
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Some pretty good write ups on this. I used the bill vista dana 20 rebuild guide and a couple write ups on the gear swap. I used a FSJ case some people say they need less grinding. I just keeped test fitting untill the gears would slide and turn.
did a T18 swap in a cj at the same time it was night and day difference.
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