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Damn Rimfires


May 20, 2020
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I got bitten by the rimfire bug. I've had a marlin 39a golden for years for plinking and whacking gophers.

Now with all the NRL .22 stuff, I ended up exploring better ammo and guns. Dusted off my Rem 597 HB and found it really likes Eley match. Never thought I'd pay $15/box for .22 ammo, but I did because it puts them all in a ragged hole at 50 yards, and holds MOA to 200 yards. The 597 is now topped with a Sightron SII BS 6-24 AO 1/8th minute target dot for our indoor league since it's fixed distance. Nothing like 24x at 50' to really bring you in close to the target.

Then I bought a chassis for my centerfire match rifle. So naturally I had to get a 700 pattern .22. Being a cheap ass I bought a new Bergara B14R barreled action and for now have been swapping it out in the chassis. Grabbed a cheap Sig Tango4 4-16 scope in the dev-l .mill reticle. Damn nice scope, but the 50 yard minimum parallax isn't ideal, the reticle is awesome.

I was out tonight shooting a 24" gong at 500 yards. 27 mills from a 50 yard zero, and it's damn entertaining reading the wind and waiting for the ding, as it takes a few seconds to hear the report. Settled on SK pistol match special, since I can get it locally for $75/brick. Lapua center-x shot slightly better, but it's $120/brick shipped and nobody carries it here. Doesn't like Eley very much, and just as well I'm saving the last few bricks of that lot # for the 597.

Chassis is the krg bravo with a barricade stop, ARCA rail, and spigot mount.

Ammo testing


10 shot group followed by 5 shots. As you can see I had a switching cross wind. This was the first box of ammo through the barrel, center-x.


$100+ dope card holders are for suckers



I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I'm building a rim-x. Just trying to put it off a few more years.
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Here I was expecting some of you to come in and show me whatsup with a vudoo or rim-x.

And all you guys are talking about is pistols. Damn.

Since KRG released a 10/22 chassis, I am going to build one. Just havent decided if it's going to be a kidd or a volquatsen summit.
To be fair, the pistol has a 16” barrel, so it’s kind of a rifle.
I’m rocking a Remington 521T with the original Lyman peep sight. It shoots better than the ammo I feed it.