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Covid Convalescent Plasma

May 19, 2020
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Are there any medical people on here that have any experience with convalescent plasma? Pretty odd question, I know.

But here’s the deal—I want to know if I’m wasting my time donating. I’ve got my 4th donation set up for Monday. Every time, it’s a clusterfuck. It takes a total of 45 min hooked up to the machine to actually extract the plasma. All told, my 3 donations have averaged 3.33 hours of actual time at the office for a 45 minute donation. They fuck up everything. The computer is always down, now we have to get special doctor clearance because your red blood cell count is high, blah blah blah blah. Once I’m sitting in the chair, it usually takes them a solid 15 minutes of screwing around and hunting up supplies from all over the donation room to hook me up. Oh, and the first time, they wouldn’t let me donate at all, because the mouth breathers in the donation room thought it was too soon after my last antibiotics, and couldn’t reach the doctor that scheduled me. That still took 2 hours to get denied.

So, this is my first-world problem of the day. Does the convalescent plasma actually help people heal, or am I wasting a considerable amount of my time? I can’t find any actual news about whether this does anything positive. Of course, the blood bank is simply wet with desire for my precious antibodies, but I’m starting to suspect they just enjoy being relevant.

So, flame on! And of course understand that I’m willing to spend the time if there are actual positive results. But it does get old watching the blood bank squander my free-to-them time.
The local place pays $50 for each donation and it takes about four hours. That’s what I’ve been told.
So, this is supposedly different than a regular plasma donation. It’s only supposed to be given to someone that’s actively infected with a moderate case or worse of Covid. It’s supposed to help them recover more quickly, because it has Covid antibodies in it from my own prior infection.

It’s different than people selling plasma, because it’s supposed to be used for this one purpose. When I got Covid it was in early March. So it was well before any of this was available. Otherwise I definitely would’ve tried it, because I was in pretty bad shape.

There’s no money changing hands here—I’m just donating because I’m hoping it can help someone else recover from the disease more quickly. I was hoping there was some off chance that there was someone here in the medical field that could tell me whether or not it actually works. As it is, I can only get info from very biased sources, and they don’t give two shits about how much of my time they waste.
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