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May 19, 2020
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Jackson, MS USA
I have a regular code reader I bought from autozone or somewhere.

I have had 2 wheel speed sensors go down on my 08 wrangler and had to use the trial and error method to determine which went bad

what code reader is good that also does the abs stuff for a jeep. Better yet if it will tell me which air pressure sensor ran out of battery
you can buy the baby foxwell scanner (510?) with just one manufacturer's software on it.
it should approach dealer levels of software.

I steal the dealership software and buy cloned adapters from china.
so I'm not much help.
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Best deal I could find that does ABS and air bag codes. Worked great on a 2008 Saturn Outlook to find a failed wheel bearing. Don't know about TPMS.
Tpms is low on priority because I assume I’ll need to replace all 5 anyway

is that like previously posted, only works on one brand?

No multiple. I bought their basic scanner years ago at Walmart, and favored the brand for personal use. I've used it across several different brands (usually flavors of the big 3) with no issues. This new one I got because it can do ABS and SRS and should be new enough to pull codes on my 4-wheeled mortgage.

Innova 6100P. Says it'll do ABS on most US vehicles only.

There's better scanners and some that can do DPF Regen and all that but I will never see the need to have that stuff for a while.
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I ordered the innova. Got it for $115 on amazon

then saw the 7100 version will also work on our mercedes, but not sure it’s worth the extra $125
I've got an Autel MD808Pro and Autel TS501...reads codes and live data from pretty much everything possible on any vehicle and does TPMS for almost any style including ECU programmed ones. Just minimal bidirectional stuff, but at least does the basic electronic parking brakes and maintenance resets and such.
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