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May 19, 2020
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Living in hell
no kids around this year, going to bea quiet evening.
tomorrow heading to see Tara's family.
In, no company until tomorrow,. I want to watch Die Hard but it's a rental or buy only :(
Sitting in the airport in Atlanta coming home from visiting my brother and his kids. Headed to spend the day with the parents and then some cousins tomorrow.
Sitting at the girlfriends place watching vice grip garage waiting for her to get home so we can head to my parents this evening.

In the mood for a few drinks, but don't have anything in the house and don't feel like being hungover at my mom's tomorrow either. Oh well.
In. Going to my parents house for moms bday, and then.ill be back home in my natural habitat.....the couch.
In, burning discs for wifey Christmas presents. She's been bugging me for oh, about 10 years so I figure it's time.
Watching Christmas Story and Elf with the wife and kids tonight. Have a few beers, then head to bed. Doing nothing tomorrow.

Off work until the 4th, just cracked the first of many beers, off to the shop to go wire in a few more outlets and tear out some shelves I should have removed years ago.

In. Just me and my mother. Pick my son up in the morning for the weekend.

No other family.
Put up two sheets of lauan in the shop. Called it a day after I had to mess with 10-year-old insulation. Drinking beer, eating snacks, and no plans tomorrow.
In. Working in my little machine shop until dinner while drinking Sailor Jerry's and coke.
A Christmas Story will be on after dinner as it is every damn year -wife demands it.
More of the same tomorrow but with more snacks, and the movie will change.

Off work until the 4th, just cracked the first of many beers, off to the shop to go wire in a few more outlets and tear out some shelves I should have removed years ago.


great beer
miss it
need to also pick up some icl when i get back to eldred in a few weeks

$17.99/30pk +dep all day long around here. Hamm's is like Gennessee and they're both like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Could be skunky, could be green, could be perfect.
Went up to the house and moved some stuff in. Power washed the garage out, and somehow tweaked my neck. To the point I thought I was going to throw up. Took way too many muscle relaxers to get it to be tolerable. Never ends. ha Time for beers and present wrapping
Working on my build thread, drinking beer from Texas. My daughter and I normally spend Christmas in Maine with my mother and other family. Nogo this year because my sister is paranoid about covid. My daughter and I will be dining at the Chinese joint tomorrow then heading up to VT for a wheeling event on Saturday.

My wife had to take an emergency trip up to RI last week to help her mom take care of her father. He has been sick and in the hospital for a while and now and* is back home in hospice and not doing well. Could be any day now...:frown: We decided that it was best for the dogs and I to stay here so that she could fly up instead of taking that awful ride again and so that I wouldn't get stuck up there for 2 weeks due to their stupid ass covid restrictions on out of state travelers.

Plan tonight is to make big juicy cheese burgers with some of the fresh ground beef my buddy just gave me and the Land O Lakes racist cheese I picked up at the deli today on my way home from work. I think Ill throw some Checkers brand seasoned fries in the air fryer while I'm at it. Those things are freakin delicious! After that I think I'm going to go out in the race car trailer and hang up the new Pit Pal accessories I picked up from Summit Racing after I figure out where the damn wall studs are. Screwless interior and exterior paneling looks bad ass until you need to find the studs. I bought a magnetic stud finder from Home Depot the other night so hopefully this goes smoothly.

Tomorrow I am sleeping late and fucking off all day with the pups, and Saturday will be more of the same. I could get used to being a bachelor again! :laughing:

Sunday morning I'm loading up the service truck and heading to El Paso for work Monday. The pups are coming with me due to the above "situation" so thats kinda cool. I take them to the shop at work when I am in town but never on the road for obvious reasons. They are extremely well behaved dogs but something tells me it wouldn't be OK to bring them to construction sites and let them run around. I got lucky this time because the customers rig is at his shop and they are closed next week so he had no problem with me doing that. :smokin:
Family Christmas’ are canceled because of covid.
Provincial lockdown starts on the 26th because they knew people wouldn’t listen on the 24th

Started watching the 1947 version of Miracle on 34th St. But the baby needed the usual one hour power nap so we are chilling in the rocking chair
Been feeling under the weather, was the last in my family to get sick so I stayed home while the wife and kiddos made the 2hr drive to her family's shindig. I just went and got stuff to cook a big breakfast in the morning and dinner for me tonight. Bought myself a $20 steak and $10 beer.
This is the first year my oldest boy (3 year old) actually cares about Christmas. I got about another half hour of work and then I'm off to get him so wound up about Santa coming that he won't go to bed for hours. After that this is the first year I get to sneak around and put presents under the tree, things in stockings, and paper rock scissors with the wife for who gets to eat the cookies we left out for Santa. I'm pumped.

Downside: three major things I ordered for my wife for Christmas at the end of November got lost in the mail. Today was the last chance of one of them to show up in our post office and it didn't happen. Post office dude was kind of a dick, but I chalked that up to him dealing with the holiday rush and probably 50 other people who felt like me today. Never had that happen before, but I've got a few back up items.
In. Went into the shop and slammed a torque converter in my daily, got food and came home to find that the fluid I thought I had here to top it off is long gone. Guess I'll wander back down there later this weekend and deal with that.
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