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Chevy help in Shit Shat


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May 19, 2020
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Ok it’s Tuesday so why not. Rig in question is a 99.5 Silverado 1500. 330ish thousand miles. So Sunday I was driving back from visiting Mom and about 10 minutes after I fueled up and got back on the road I started to notice hesitation up top. Well I tried to limp it home and made it iles short. Would start but not idle but any throttle imput would kill it. I am think bad fuel so I dra it home and call it a night.

Yesterday I crawl under it in the monsoon and change the fuel filter because I had one handy and its cheap. So I get her running ok. Enough to move it to a parking spot anyways. And I just let her idle for about 20 minutes. Well after about 15 minutes it started sounding like it was missing and then she shut off. Restart but no idle.

This brings me back to fuel again. So I dont really want to drain a full tank or change fuel filters every 15 minutes. So my thoughts are as follows. Dump a botle of heat in the tank because maybe water in fuel? And put a mew filter on it again.

Any other suggestions? Burning it down is not an option currently.
What did you find in the old filter?
Sounds like clogged fuel pump sock.
Filter was dirty looking but not the worst I have seen. When I was limping it home when I would run out of throttle I would coast to the shoulder and let it idle for about 2 minutes then I had throttle for another 2-3 miles or so. Only wouldn’t idle at the end. Could definitely be components but I haven’t seen evidence or hot or cold induced problems. First thing monday morning I tried to cold start it and zero results so dont think its Temp related, maybe.

I need a rig on the road so this week I am probably pulling the windshield on my 4runner and pounding back out the pinch weld so I can put some glass back in it.
Try blowing air into the tank that should unplug the sock and it shouldn't plug back up until the tank is low again.
That way you aren't working with a full tank.
Try blowing air into the tank that should unplug the sock and it shouldn't plug back up until the tank is low again.
That way you aren't working with a full tank.

Pretty sure there is a check valve in the pump to prevent you from being able to do that.
I'd pull the bed if you've got a way to lift it and its not so rusty that the bolts will break. You can get to all the bolts with a 1/2" impact and extension. unplug the light box and pull the 3 filler cap screws and it lifts off. I've pulled the bed on my '01 just to do shocks and exhaust work.
Otherwise those tanks have pretty nice long tubes so you can drop them without having to mess with the hoses. Just siphon the gas out.

May want to put a fuel pressure gauge on just to verify the problem is indeed fuel pressure related.
Throw a fuel pressure gauge on it. It might just be a wore out pump or you blew the hose from the pump to module cover.
If it makes you feel any better, my Grand Cherokee's pump is on the way out. Pressure reads OK, but it's cut out a few times while running (crank, no start), and cranks for 15-20 seconds when it does start.

I've got a new pump in the back seat, but it's frigging 9*f. Blech. Tow hitch, skid plate, FULL tank...wah wah.
Well I keep forgetting I can use my backhoe to lift the bed. So I guess pulling the bed will be the best way to get to the tank. Will need so extra people to help a bit but I think I can swing that on my
corner of BFE
With that high of mileage, might as well pull up the carpet and cut a hole through the floor to do the fuel pump. That's what I did on my 95 with 280k. It's pretty close to the middle and easy enough to do.
I guess this isn't an aption? (Wife's Legacy comes with a hatch in the back floor, and I love them for it!)

I snapped a pic of this guy changing his pump last year. I saw it back driving around the next week. He's still driving it as of about a month ago at least.

"pure michigan"
says so right on the plate :flipoff2:

I like the pipe through the frame to fix the gone shackle hanger
If it's not the fuel pump sounds a lot like a clogged cat
Had a 96 that had the exact same symptoms. Did everything suggested including changing the injectors and checking the entire engine for vacuum leaks. Ended up being ignition swapped out the distributer plugs and wires and it ran like a top till sold. Good luck
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