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Canadian Ice Shack Build

May 19, 2020
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I'm posting this here since it's technically a trailer, and the relevance it has to all the camper builds.

Pics to come first, will follow with descriptions later.

Here it is in all it's glory.

Sleeps 4 adults.
Walls are 2x2 pine (2x4s ripped in half)
Insulation is 1.5 inch foil faced insulation (half the price of SM and better R-value)
Runners are 2x12 PT 24" wide, skinned with 5/8 PT plywood and 1/4" UHMW
Belly of the shack is also skinned with 1/4 UHMW 48" wide
Floor is 5/8 PT plywood.
Interior walls are natural 1/2" northern white cedar, board and batton.
Exterior is steel roofing from ideal roofing, pocket rib.
Windows are double glazed low-E and argon.
Roof trusses are 2x2 with waferboard gussets.
Heating by wood stove during the day, propane ventless at night.

I added up all the weights of all the materials involved and came up with a weight of 4000-4500 lbs, with all the gear that's in it now including firewood, probably well over 5000 lbs.

One snowmobile can pull it for short distances, but will overheat. When we're towing across the lake we use two sleds.
Won't you be needing some floor flaps in that thing or is that not even an important part of the ice shack experience? But seriously, I doubt you'll be needing much heat with 2-4 people in there.