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Can you haul a 1 ton on a uhaul trailer?


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May 19, 2020
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Bonners Ferry, ID
Why yes, you can :flipoff2:


I was very hesitant to do it, but I was traded a trailer for the cucv and cash. So I couldn't bring a trailer to haul the truck back. I tried equipment rental places, but none of them wanted to do a one way. I googled it and found pics of long bed k20s and k30s on them so I knew it would fit. One guy said he hauled and excursion on one :eek:

225 miles down the twisties of I5 from Southern Oregon to home. I took it slow at first, but after a while I just cruised, it wasn't really that bad at all. I was mostly worried about the tires, so I tried to keep it around 60, every time we stopped, they were hot, but I could just hold my hand on them.

I'd do it again if I had to, but I'd rather bring a proper trailer if at all possible.
Dude are you serious..

Its a CUCV it has these.

You could have used my tow bar.

I would bet it not over 6K #.

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Had more faith in the trailer maybe ?

It traveled the same distance ?

96 s10 :laughing:​​​​​​

Pae, I'd be weary of flat towing an unknown rig 4 hours. Tires, wheel bearings, ect.
Can relate, checking the bearings on the m1008 would have taken tools and time, and labor.
i put a 1976 fullsize jeep cherokee chief on one almost 20yrs ago, towed it with a uhaul box truck. it was actually my first time towing a vehicle :laughing:
Ya, I guess so, it made it. The nice thing about uhaul is if you have an issue, you just call them and they come fix it.

I did the same last month with a Sprinter on a tow dolly. I wanted to get the full trailer for its surge brakes as it was only a 144" wb model, but I feared the weight of the UHaul trailer plus the Sprinter would be too much for the 98 Dodge 1500's transmission. In retrospect, I should have done the trailer, as I blew the brake booster on the way home and had to finish the last 2 hours of the trip without power braking.

Anyway, somewhere around St. Louis, the right taillight fell out of the fender on the interstate. I didn't see it until I hit the hotel that night. I thought about calling to get it fixed, but I didn't want them to see a Sprinter on the dolly instead of the Civic that they thought was on there.

I called a couple times when I returned home and informed them over the phone. They said its no problem, just turn it in and there's no charge if a light fell out. The dolly is still sitting at the self-storage 2 blocks from my house without a right taillight.
i put a 69 f250 with a huge slide in camper on one. hauled it from Irvine to Ramona at no more than 35mph. it was fishtailing bad any faster than that. I really wanted that F250.