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May 21, 2020
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Lindon, Utah
I/m wanting to change the distributor in my boat. It's a 5.7 with the mercruiser thunderbolt ignition. The distributor I want to go to is a Davis Unified two wire unit. I know one wire goes to ignition hot and the other goes to the tac. My question is how to wire the shift interrupter that cuts the ignition for a split second so you can shift back into neutral. I would think the two wire dizzy is grounded through the body. I've serched the net for others that have attempted this to no avail. :rasta:
Iirc the shift interruptor would ground out the signal return wire of the dist hall effect sensor. So you will have to do that or use the interrupt switch to cut the +12v feed to the coil with a relay.
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