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Bluetooth, noise cancelling earbuds?


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May 20, 2020
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Is there anything that would allow a guy to listen to a podcast or audiobook while welding and grinding?

Other issue: my ears get very sore from wearing earbuds for an hour or more. Something squishy like an earplug would be better.

My father in law wears a hearing aide that is a very small wire that goes inside the ear, and bluetooths to his phone. I could get one of those and feed it through a foam ear plug.. I probably don't want to know the price though.
Koss with the foam earbud things. Seals softy, blocks noise from the outside.
Just not BT.

For most earbuds (in ear style) you can get the COMPLY brand foam tips. I think that is what you are looking for.
I've got enacfire (sp?) e60 ear buds, I wear in loud environments and can hear them well. Even with no sound, I cannot hear someone talking if both are in. I love them while running a chainsaw or tractor or weedeater or in some of our loud areas at work >90DB. I can definitely listen to music or podcasts either one. My only complaint is if I'm too hot, they can pop out of my ears if I compress my ears with my shoulders or something.
I have bone conductive headphones I use at work since I'm deaf in one ear I cant use ear buds because I need to still hear what's going on in the plant or the 2 way radio calls.
the ones I have are the air but looks like they have even better ones now.

Am I the only one who thinks that these things are detrimental to your overall hearing longevity?

I only use them on airplanes, other than that I use normal ear buds. Something about them make my ears feel odd after a long period of time, kinda like pressure or something. Already have slight tinnitus, so I'm wary of stuff and my ears, but I'm not an ear scientist so who knows
Am I the only one who thinks that these things are detrimental to your overall hearing longevity?

Earbuds turned up to 11 certainly will hurt your hearing. I would like noise cancelling earbuds so that the level internally can remain low.
I dropped $240 on the Apple Airpods Pro (the pro version is the noise-cancelling version).. so far, worth every penny. I use them with my Macbook (software engineer) and an Android phone (Pixel 2) and they play well together. Only thing that sucks is trying to use them on Windows with Discord.

The noise-cancelling is impressive and audio-quality is excellent. They hold a charge for like 4 hours, but if you stick them in the carrying case which holds a 24 hour charge, they can fast-charge 1-hour of listening time in just 5 minutes.
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