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Biden wants States to reenlist mask mandates...

The vaccine is only authorized by emergency use and will be in clinical trials for 2 more years. They are unable to administer the vaccine if the emergency ends because the vaccine ends with it.


implies all vaccines will come out under emergency use going forward... precedent, and all.
Pretty much 100% compliance with Glorious Leader Newsom's magic cloth order around here. Except for the homeless of course, they can still accost you at the gas pump, mask or no.

I have said before, I don't believe in the cloth mask BS, They do not help and are just a mechanism to make people and politicians feel proactive. That being said, I have been wearing mine because I don't need to be getting in fights with 20 year old retail workers asked to police me because Newsome is to chicken shit to use his own goon squad. This is going to change sooner rather than later. All of this shit needs an end date or they are going to wake up one day and realize that not even the most zealous fear-a-holics are listening to them anymore.

Maybe I will just throw on some shop clothes and shit my pants before I go to the store, If they think I am homeless I get cate blanchett to do whatever I want.
oh noes!!!! "impending doom" :lmao:

CDC chick “has a feeling” of impending doom

Mr. Biden spoke a few hours after Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, issued perhaps her most impassioned warning to date about a possible fourth surge of the coronavirus, saying she felt a recurring sense of “impending doom.”
Arizona numbers plummeted.... along with "idiocy".

Had lunch at Wildhorse West restaurant on Saturday after my match, and they had a sign above the door that said, "Masks optional". The only people wearing masks were the staff. yet another reason to get skills beyond waiting tables.
[486 said:

last wore one at the DMV months ago
they gave me one and seemed really angry so I put it on my forehead

Had that happen in Applebee's when I was on the road last month. I thought the bitch was going to stroke out she was so mad about me walking in without one. I bought her 1 dollar mask and proceeded to throw it on the bar still in the wrapper. Suddenly there were no problems..... :shaking:
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