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Biden bloopers blunders & gaffs


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May 20, 2020
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There is no doubt this guy really has mental health issues. He is clearly not fit to drive a car much less run this country. I really can’t wait for the debates to happen. I predict it’ll be some of the most watched debates ever, mostly just to have some libations and watch trump wind up ole sleepy joe into a blubbering fool that he is.
Did he shit himself again? :laughing:
It brings me such joy to watch this brainless corpse/vessel being used up by the corporate interests he has served his entire life. His family's a shit show and he can't even enjoy a nice dignified retirement, it's great!!
:lmao: You think they are going to have debates? :lmao:
I believe they already said no to the democratic debates.
I almost feel bad for the guy. Its like straight elder abuse propping him up like they have.
the guy has been a piece of shit for 40+ year that we know of
and we can all guess how that family is behind the scenes beings he cant keep his hands off of the kids now he cant think enough to cover it up

don't feel bad at all
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