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Best bit for drilling 2" holes through rr ties?

2big bronco

Og irate
May 19, 2020
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Prunedale ca
I cant decide where my shed will end up but I need it out of the way for now. It's a bitch getting it on and off my trailer so I figure I'll mount it to 3 rr tie skids. I want to drill holes near the ends of either sides of the skids for dragging/spinning/pulling from.

So what style bit do I want? I only have a random selection of 1/2" chuck Milwaukee and dewalt drills so I may have to stop if they start getting hot.

Shed being moved today.

Auger bit, they self feed. But, never used a 2" one. That's going to take a hell of a lot of torque.
I used one of those to drill through an old telephone pole and it sucked. Was that bad luck, a shitty bit, hard wood ?

Not sure. I've gone through plenty of pine logs. Everyone making pine furniture is using them. Creosote in the poles might gum up or keep it from cutting. If it's anything other than dry pine I'd be considering a hole hog to drive the bit.
I feel anything for a 2" hole you're going to want a hole hog. I'd use a good, sharp self feed.
What kind of ironworker builds an equipment skid out of wood...
Seems like a screw eye lag bolt would make more sense for what you want to do.

This...because drilling a 2 inch hole through more than an inch of wood sucks. At a certain size you don't want to cut all the material, you just want to cut the outer perimeter, which means hole saw, and hole saws only go so deep.
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