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Army University Press - anyone watch that channel?


May 21, 2020
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Ran across this a couple years ago. Army University publishes analyses of past battles and fits them into current Army doctrine, with official symbols and reference to specific parts of the doctrinal library. The Army doctrinal library is available online, but the Navy's is behind a password-wall. I wish the Navy would do something similar, but I think the Army is getting away with this by ignoring the Classified aspects of modern warfare except in the most general terms, whereas the maneuver doctrine is not really something that can be kept a secret. The Navy otoh is almost exclusively all Classified doctrine from the top down, other than "Big ship show up, many missiles and planes descend...." :laughing:

So basically nothing that the Navy does is made on a decision of someone lower than an O-5, whereas the Army University Press will drill down to 2nd Lt. squad level, and if you're an adversary of the US, you already know how the physical disposition of US Army troops happens. So the AUP can just focus on how it's SUPPOSED to happen.

Anyway pretty neat to learn how the ground-pounders operate.
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the army does lots of public distribution of doctrine. hell, i learned more about pistol marksmanship from reading the field manual than i did from a few years of being in the army :laughing:

sure, there is a password wall for the most current maintained official documents, but everything else is out in the open and even current stuff is easily found
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