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Arapeen Trail Utah. Planning a trip.

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May 21, 2020
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Chandler, AZ
So, like the title says. I'm in process of planning a trip from Phoenix to Casper and looking for places along the way to ride my SXS.

The trip will be about two weeks round trip. Looking at Manti, Utah for the Arapeen trails for a few days then continue on to Casper, Wy. From there probably head over to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse then back to Phoenix on a different route. Nothing is set in stone yet. I'm pulling a small toy hauler, well actually it's a box trailer with lights and cots and a Polaris XP1000 2 seat.

Looking for advise on RV parks, what trails are good, what to avoid and what not.

Used to live in Sanpete County. Miles and miles of trails. Not sure on rv parks but I think Palisade State Park has rv spots. The main roads like Skyline have tons of places to camp off the pavement. If it was me I'd look at staying in Miller Flat and ride out from there. North Skyline is neat. Ephraim Canyon is another. Wasn't uncommon to put 100mi a day on my 4wheeler just cruising.
Miller flats is full a lot of the time. Most sites are thru reservation. If you want to dry camp there are places to do that there. If you are headed up i15, then you might consider heading up beaver canyon to the top of the mountain. It is gorgeous up there and miles of trail to ride. You can ride down into Marysvail, Junction or Circleville on the other side of the mountain in your side by side. Small towns, but you can eat there and stay overnight if you want. The piute trail system runs for days there.
Thanks for the input. Still not locked in on a specific campground yet. Still a few weeks out.
Ok, so now we're going to Wyoming first then over to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse then back to Casper and finally to Utah on the return trip. Trying to please the inlaws. We locked in to an AirBnBin just outside of Manti, Ut for June 27 to 30. Anybody in the area want to join us for some easy trail riding. I say easy because I have he wife along and can't get too crazy. Plus the BIL is a first time owner/driver of a Can Am Turbo. Should be a fun trip for a bunch of older peeps.
Sounds like a fun trip. Haven't been to crazy horse yet but it's on our radar. When in Manti just South of the temple is Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Museum/house. Went there once. Pretty cool. I don't know if it's open to public or not. It was when I went during a car show years ago.