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Anyone north of Ft worth area? Looking for good shooting ranges


May 19, 2020
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Anyone here north of Ft. Worth and has any recommendations for shooting ranges or better yet private property they want to allow a fellow irate member to shoot on? :grinpimp:

I got sent out this way for work and would love to be able to go hog hunting or just have recommendations for a decent range to go to. I think a couple coworkers have gone somewhere in Argyle and said it was decent indoor range which is probably what I will check out eventually, just wanted to see if anyone had any property or recommendations first.

Most of the ranges I’ve searched online say they don’t allow fmj’s, which seems odd. Seemed like it was easier to find shooting ranges in anti-gun California surprisingly.
Tac-Pro is west of town, Alpine shooting range isn’t bad for an outdoor range. Defender Outdoors is right near downtown. What part of Fort Worth are you coming to?
I’m working pretty close to the Cabela’s currently. I am actually staying near Gainesville and commuting down for the time being. Once our work actually kicks off, I will be working closer to Gainesville.
Defender Outdoors is nice. Had weapons pointed at me by too many dumbasses at Alpine.