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Anyone In VA See An Odd Commercial Tonight?


May 19, 2020
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GF and I were watching random stuff on Sling and this commercial comes on talking about Santa crossing the Atlantic and coming to Virginia, then it shows a missile launch and an attack chopper telling Santa to leave Virginia airspace that were are under curfew. It then begins to bitch about Northam being on Santa's naughty list and something about looking forward to 2021 and electing a new Virginia governor. It had the usual fine print at the end but said it was not affiliated with any candidate. I thought it was pretty hilarious. Sorry, I searched YouTube, couldn't find it to post.
Yeah, I know whoever made has to have uploaded it to the Internet somewhere, but I can't find it anywhere. All I remember about the fine print at the bottom at the end was it was some sort of PAC that did it. I will keep looking, hopefully I can find it somewhere.
Didn't catch the ad, but our govenor is an idiot. :homer:

Customer at work reffered to him as "Lord Northam"... Laws for thee but not for me!
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