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Any cheap easy way to boost my phone signal to use as a hot spot?


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May 21, 2020
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No internet up at the new place until next next week. Have a TV up there with chrome cast so we can play off the phone, but not the best signal. Last night I used my phone as a hot spot and it kinda worked but was wondering if there are any cheap devices that actually work as a booster for now.

Any ideas?
We use a directional antenna on a 30 ft pole with a signal booster. I then put my cell phone right next to the booster. Works ok.
You can wrap any wire or conductor around your phone a couple of times and string the conductor around a la 1970s TV antenna fashion. Usually works, very well in fact. I've had good luck just wrapping Motel phone cord or CATV cables around my phone when I was doing time-sensitive work over the air.
Move it around and see where it picks up the best signal. Leave the said phone there and tether to it.
When I traveled for work I kept it close to the windows (hotel stays) - seemed to work out ok when using it as a hotspot.
Shove a flashlight up you ass and stand on one foot. Worked for he last person who asked I guess. They never came back and asked for more tips.:lmao::flipoff2:

That’s all I got:flipoff2:
bought a Wilson kit off Amazon specific for Verizon, about $150

just ran the antennae to a bedroom window (inside) and pointed it in the general direction of the Verizon antennae, you can google search for antennae's near you, or closest to you

went from an intermittent 1 bar 5G to solid 2 bar 5G (from 1 bar LTE to 3 bar LTE)

good enough that I can now do zoom meetings without sounding drunk, or get blocky video

no experience using it as a hot spot to stream video though
Just buy a real hotspot. Those work great.
The school actually lent us one early in the year when the BS started and it's been great.

We go camping and the kids still get online with their class and do their school while the ocean waves crash in their background.
That's right bitches, we don't lockdown and use a fake background of a beach, our kids present to their class with the real beach behind them.
Look on CL or FB marketplace for a used cell amplifier from Wilson. I actually have one that Id sell ya, but it wouldn't get there before your internet gets installed.
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