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May 19, 2020
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Italy landslide drags 200 coffins into the sea near popular tourist resort

Giada ZampanoTue, February 23, 2021, 12:54 PM EST


Landslide in the cemetery of Camogli village sent 200 coffins into the sea - Vigili del fuoco-DAPRESS / SplashNews.com
Hundreds of coffins were carried away and plunged into the seas after a landslide on Tuesday hit a graveyard in a village near Genoa.
Firemen and rescuers in Camogli, a cliff-side village near the northern city of Genoa, scrambled to rescue the coffins, many of which were damaged or destroyed after falling on the rocks about 50 metres below the cemetery.
Only a dozen coffins out of the more than 200 swept away had been recovered as of Tuesday afternoon.
Images of open and partially destroyed coffins floating in Camogli’s green waters were published by most Italian media and were shared widely on social media.

The landslide appears to have been caused by coastal erosion, aggravated by severe storms that hit the northern Liguria region in recent years. It also destroyed two chapels at the Camogli cemetery.
Genoa prosecutors have opened an investigation into the disaster, examining recent building works in the area, which they say could have played a role in the landslide.
Local news reports suggested that the slope at Camogli had started to suffer from instability problems after a major storm in 2018. Works to mitigate the instability on parts of the cliff are ongoing.
Families who lost their relatives' remains at sea will be offered support, Camogli's mayor said.
“We’ll do our best to identify the bodies also using DNA tests,” said Francesco Olivari. “We are also planning to create a team that would provide psychological support to those people, who are understandably under shock.”

Seriously that would suck if your loved one was in there. I can only imagine what the tourists are thinking.
Too bad. That’s a travesty. They’ve known of the potential since 2018 and were doing some sort of remediation work. There’s a couple of commonly employed slope stability methods that could have kept that from happening if employed in time. I suspect money had something to do with the timing.
Any idiot capable of rubbing two brain cells together can look at that cliff and immediately understand that "remediation" is hopeless. The sea is going to reclaim the land. Period. The only sensible thing to do is retreat.
The water looks like the burial scene from Waterworld.
I find it ironic that they have first responders working on the recoveries.
Not exactly an effective use of those resources.
I could only hope something that crazy could happen to my corpse, best I can hope for, is that they bury me face down so friends and family have a spot to park their bikes.:laughing:

I don't get why the prosecutors feel the need to open an investigation, even my dumbass could tell you that putting a cemetery at the top of a wave battered bluff would lead to calamity.
Seriously, in this day and age, how do people not understand that nature always wins, there's no if, and, or buts about it.

From looking at that picture, it looks like a good storm or two will cause that section to the right of the recent collapse to come down also.
Treasure hunt! Maybe theres some gold to be had

No bullshit.

Not sure what the meth situation looks like in Italy, but I could picture a boatload of "Scuba-Tweakers" dredging up caskets and ransacking Grandma's casket for jewelry and heirlooms.
I don't have time to read the whole thread, can someone give me the cliff's?:flipoff2:
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