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Aftermarket JL knuckles.


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May 19, 2020
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Redondo Beach
Anybody see the Synergy Steel knuckles for JL? Would you replace your aluminum knuckles or replace the whole axle?
Honestly, does it even matter with the front axle being that CAD design? I've seen more than a few internet pics with the fronts having a camber problem from the CAD housing busting. It's not like the knuckles are failing.
The cad is a big bummer on the JL's. I couldn't see spending money on the factory housing. Otherwise those axles would be sweet donors for a lightweight rig.

I'll be curious to see how many spend the time just retubing the stock axle.

Unless the knuckles are proving to be weaker than the cad housing?
I own one and had no idea the knuckles were aluminum. :lmao: I did just pick up an Artec truss to hopefully strengthen up the housing but I don’t plan on running more than 35s on it. It’s my mall crawler.
Those aren't a Synergy part, they are a part that Currie is coming out with. There are other new Synergy parts in that pic.

I talked to a guy at Reid, he said they where working on Reid Racing knuckles for the JL. Didn’t give a time frame for release though.
I plan to gusset and sleeve mine next year. No wild wheeling but will be on 37s. I want to avoid getting to hardcore with this mall crawler.
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