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9 1/4" vs. 8 7/8" Clutch in R151F


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Nov 16, 2023
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Hello guys, need some info. Posted over on Pirate and was directed here.

I'm currently working on a customer's vehicle. Its a 1984 Toyota 4x4 camper with a 22R.

The customer has purchased a 22RE-T and R151F transmission that have been delivered on a pallet. End goal is a 22RE turbo 4x4 camper. I'm just the technician in this mess. I'm not the company owner nor do I directly talk to the customer. I'm basically left to put it all together and get paid to do it. (I suggested a 3RZ and save on the work to gain 20 unenthusiastic horses...)


Camper. Big, heavy, slow.

Turbo 22RE. Underpowered and minimal gains in a camper application.

I was planning to use a heavyweight flywheel and heavy duty clutch. That's how I set up my personal 86 Pickup for rock crawling and love the grunt, heavier pedal and ability to stay in the power band when shifting on those long hills. I was planning to do something similar on this camper project- however I've been out of the Toyota game for awhile and it seems that Marlin Crawler has been going downhill since Marlin died and I see less and less products offered- including the wide range of excellent clutch kits.

LCE used to offer a 35lb flywheel (8 7/8") which I purchased and used years ago, however now it seems to be a 30lb 8 7/8" option (That does list it for an RTE, oddly enough)

The RTE and the later W56s use the larger 9 1/4" flywheel and clutch- though to my understanding you can go back to using an 8 7/8" flywheel and clutch setup in these trucks (for instance back in the day buying the 1600lb Marlin clutches for your later 3rd gens.

SO MY QUESTION at long last: Does anybody see an issue installing an 8 7/8" heavyweight flywheel and clutch in a 22RTE/R151F setup in order to have a better setup than simply stock? I know the truck won't be wheeling. Its a show truck- with too much money and time invested to dare getting it so much as scratched- however I know the owner will be cruising it around on the road and I'm trying to help it shift all that mass around effectively. I've never been able to afford a 151F and the one guy I know who has one and refuses to sell it to me won't even let me look at it hahaha.

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time guys!
Pretty sure it all works together and interchanges. Ran a r151 for years behind a 22re and now I have it behind 3rz for the past decade. Always ran oe stuff and it never had any issues.
As long as you get the matching flywheel, disc and pressure plate you can run either size clutch behind a 22re. 89+ W56 used the “Turbo” sized clutch
edit to answer op's question: I don't see any issue with running the smaller sized clutch, plenty of people beating on the 8 7/8. It's more of a "while I'm replacing everything, might as well go for the bigger one"

Probably no appreciable difference when discussing ~140 hp on a motorhome, if the goal is to run the HW flywheel go for it
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As long as you get the matching flywheel, disc and pressure plate you can run either size clutch behind a 22re. 89+ W56 used the “Turbo” sized clutch
The turbo clutch was just the V6 clutch wasn't it?
I just saw that...

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