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69 l60


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May 21, 2020
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Concord/walnut creek Bay Area
I found this while living in a hotel room and searching for projects.
I’m thinking about trying to get it running and driving, I have the wheel cylinders and I know it needs a distributor and fuel pump. It came with a spare transmission and transfer case.

Im having a soft top made from a guy in South America I met on the fourms. This rig is pretty sweet, if only they offered vehicles like this today. Factory doors that the windows comes off to make half doors or the whole door comes off. Hand throttle. Water proofing on everything. Really stout. This thing is rad.
Welcome to the club. Hope you brought your wallet. :flipoff2:

Looks like a true '69 based off the turn signals and horn button. A lot of 69's where actually 68's that were sold in '69. The dealers used to stamp the year on the VIN tag when they were sold.

Interested in seeing how the top comes out. Is it coming from the guys in Colombia that are also stamping new body panels?

That P60 engine is pretty bullet proof. Get your distributor worked out and I bet she'll fire right up. You can ditch the mechanical fuel pump for an electric one, but I'd put it back near the fuel tank. I had mine under the hood and it would get all goofy when hot, like it was vapor locking or something. As soon as I moved it away from the engine bay it was fine.

Plenty of good people and tech on https://60patrol.com/forum/ and there's also a 60 series facebook group.

I have a '69 ('68) on 35's with the covetted Mark's 5-speed trans and an H260 rear from OZ.
I posted on that forum as soon as I got it, and where I learned what I had bought. Yes the top will be coming from Colombia, one of the guys died from the rona so things are at a standstill. I have the wheel cylinders, and was looking at the fork lift distributor. The fuel pump was electric from a po and is under the driver seat. It was on a ranch and the po had no business working on anything judging by his handy work. Plans are to build it into a rig. 609s, ls, atlas. I’ll play with it first.
Very cool rig. Saw one for sale in the LA area not too long ago. Looked very similar. Where'd you pick it up?
Feelin old now:flipoff2:
One of my junior high school teachers drove one. (I recall it being a tin top?)
I like the build sheet, but aint an ls awful heavy for a rig weighing like 2000#?
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