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67-72 2 wheel drive truck


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May 19, 2020
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Yep its Tuesday.
First post in my first thread.
I posted here because it's not a 4x4 Chevy
I'm picking up the white 1/2 ton next week. It doesn't have a rotor on it. Does anyone know if I can pull the rotor off of the 3/4 ton and install it to roll it on the trailer? I know it will be 8 lugs versus the 6 lugs but it is only to get it loaded. This is complicated by both trucks being 200 miles away.
There are no junkyards anywhere near me, except the place I am getting this truck. Or does anyone know of another rotor that may fit to make a Roller?
Buddy had a 3/4 ton of that vintage. He had to put 1/2 ton spindles on it to get 5 bolt pattern. He had to ream spindles our to fit the larger ball joints of the 3/4 ton.

It is the truck in front. It’s forsale. I want to buy it but really don’t need another one. Mines in the back ground.


You can make a dummy wheel to stick on the spindle with some plywood disks, washers and a spindle nut. Just cut a bunch of washer sizes to fit on the spindle for spacing and A few big disks to laminate together for the wheel.
Got any old mobile home hubs and wheels laying around? That spindle is smaller around but longer to where you could probably hold a mobile home hub on there with vice grips even.
I got that truck home using a random rotor I pulled off of something, but don't remember what.

So I end up with a lot of projects like this. I had my buddy cut me some plates on his plasma and made these up. Don't look to closely at the welds or I'll have to go get checked into to hack fab thread. I only had 3 1/2" bolts, but that's all I ever use on this kind of stuff anyway.
I put this one on a 1939 Chevy truck to get it off my trailer.