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203/205 triple stick shifters


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May 21, 2020
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I started making my own shifter setup, but recently I have had less and less time to get out into the garage, so I'm considering buying a set. Who's making doubler shifters now a days? Looks like JB customs, offroad design and Northwest fab from a quick google search. Nwfs setup looks nice but the price is to rich for budget build. Anyone I'm missing that makes a solid setup? Not hard up on cable vs direct linkage.

Ford 203 to Ford 205 setup behind ZF 5spd.
I have the ORD triple stick setup. I’ve had it for 10 years? I can’t remember. Anyways it’s worked great, I have mine behind a C6. I purchased mine due to time constraints.

Edit*. Funny that I clicked the link and it says 4 week lead time. :laughing:
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I am putting together a NWF Ecobox 241 to Ford 205. I was originally planning on making an air shifted setup for all three. Now I am thinking of an air shifted Ecobox as that one will get shifted the most and only has two positions high/low which makes it easy and simple. Maybe go sticks on the 205 since it will stay in 2:1 most of the time. I need to revisit the valve method as I thought about solenoids for a while but then remembered I got ride of them on my old buggy because they froze up in the cold. Manual air valves are the only type I really trust now.
I got the NWF because it was in stock and I needed it ASAP. 205 always sucks to shift behind a c6. Nice shifters anyway
I had a little time last night so I prioritized the shifters and I think I have it all figured out. I'm using some pieces/parts from a ORD Chevy Kit, I picked up from another club member. I'm going to be able to reuse the shifter handles and some of the hard parts that mount to the rails. The ORD Ford kit looks extremely similar to what I have now so I don't think there is a lot of value in picking one up when I'm about 80% of the way there already.
I ended up finishing my shifters, I'm running the shifter handles from a Chevy ORD kit. Anyone who has one of their kits have problems with their bushing setup? The shifters seem to have more side to side give then I would like, I'm thinking about swapping a steel sleeve in place and drilling it for grease ports, I have a greaseable bolt in there now.
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