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2022/2023/2024/NOW 2025 KoH; Attending for nOOBs: How/What/Where/Why

Starlink is all that got me through the10 days we were there. Camp, race car, pit, chase truck all had them. My texting signal was fine almost everywhere. Hammertown my ability to send pictures went to shit if I wasn’t in the pits. I have xfinity mobile and it uses Verizon towers. I was out at Desert 2 area and was able to watch the live stream of the race on regular 5g.
Get/use Starlink while at KoH?

I know part of the answer because it was stated some teams used it to follow KoH just like we did.
Said teams also used Sat. phones for the commo.

I'd like to be able to watch/follow KoH like we just did, only I want to do it while being there.
Our team used starlink instead of race radios this year. With the app we had it was just like radios/walkie talkie.
Starlink still works well there. Before long they may not unless Musk dedicated more satellites to the area…. Which doesn’t qualify for more coverage except for during KoH.

I’m thinking for selling mine and getting one of the new bigger ones that works while driving the RV
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