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2.5l dist base timing is set at??

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May 19, 2020
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trinity center ca
About to drop the fresh motor back into a neighbors tj for him. Just want to double check the BASE TIMING SETTING before I try and fire it off.

The 2.5l 4cyl has a static dist that cannot be adjusted. So once it's set it is what it is with out pulling it back out and resetting it again.

I set it at 0* tdc. I found a bunch of 6cyl and setting the timing gears but couldnt find a reliable timing setting for the 4cyl.

The distributor has provisions for installing a pin in it to lock the cam position sensor into TDC position. (The distributor body is the same part as 4.0L, just a different cap) The pin can be a 1/8" drill bit or allen wrench. There are two positions that the pin will fit into, one the 4 cyl, the other the 6 cyl. Use the 4 cylinder position, of course.


There's a hole in the bottom of the body the pin will fit into to lock the timing:


Also need to align the oil pump shaft to point at about 11 o'clock
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