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1st Greta Van Fleet thread on new site


May 26, 2020
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so I've been listening this past hour to a video they made at a Brazil Lollapalooza show from last year

check out their website.. in December they are starting a small tour with Metallica.. that's the point of this thread..
((EDIT)) I saw Metallica with GunsNRoses in the 90s.. would be cool to see both bands..

I'd go if I win some lotto money.. they do not have any USA dates yet..

oh and for those with their heads up their ass, people kept posting about them at least 4-6 times on the other site.. asking if people have heard about them yet.. over and over and over..
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Best Zeppelin cover band out there.

Not much else.
I don't mind hearing their songs play on the radio every once in a while, but I wouldn't buy an album or concert ticket.

I agree with everything posted above.
They suck worse than any band I have ever seen live.

I was overheard dictating that, and Terina knew exactly who I was talking about.
Arent they all mentally challenged or something?
Best Zeppelin cover band out there.

Not much else.

Pretty much, it would be interesting to hear their version of LZ3. Since Led Zeppelin doesn't even sound like Led Zeppelin any more I hope they keep making music. Maybe they will get better...

I almost confessed to liking them in the bands thread.
I suppose I'll be the dissenting voice, I really like them. Whatever they did they fixed the part of led Zeppelin that made it sound like nails on a chalkboard to me. Not to mention it's cool to see kids being recognized for creating music that isn't shit.
Credit to youngins for even knowing Led Zeppelin, after that they are a decent cover band. They are a solid MEH for me. Decent to hear on the radio, and I'd see them local in a bar, but I wouldn't travel or spend money.
Whatever they did they fixed the part of led Zeppelin that made it sound like nails on a chalkboard to me. .

Yeah, that was Jimmy Page's production techniques. So by this day and age I'm surprised people like Zeppelin at all. All modern production of everything is blasted sound levels with a huge bass bias, that's a big controversy in the Music Production subculture which is a thing because everyone with a computer is now a Record Producer.

Anyway, Page's production is about contrast and not letting anything dominate. So for Sesame Street ears, it probably does sound like nails on a chalkboard, hence why I'm surprised Zeppelin keeps getting new fans.

Greta is ok in limited doses.
Greta is ok in limited doses.


Watched a long video of them live a while back. It's nice to see a guitarist that has the balls to take an 8 minute solo and with gusto.

I run across teenagers routinely who think Zeppelin is the shit. And why wouldn't they, it's timeless romantic southern blues / classical modal fusion.
A lot of "meh". Sounds like the cover band of a cover band of a Zeppelin cover band. Even Great White did it better.
Greta Van Screetch is fucking garbage.
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