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1994 Ford F150


May 19, 2020
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Worcester County
Not really parts truck but selling it that way because it hasn't run in 2yr and I'm gonna take some speed parts off it and give you OEM stuff and a ton of spare part so it will need wrenching but little to no money to run and be a driver (perfect for a teenager who needs something to keep them out of trouble).

Color is black. Interior is burgundy. E4OD trans. 6cyl engine. 4x4, manual shift transfer case, single cab, 8ft bed.

Has rear locker and extended radius arms. Has aftermarket oil/vac/temp a-pillar gauges. Comes with OEM alcoa rims and an assortment of steelies. Driver's door and bed side are dented from trail damage (they operate just fine, cosmetic only). Body is exceptionally clean with regard to rust. 8ft bed could use some rust repair at left wheel arch (comes with patch panel) but is otherwise solid. New-ish (like 5k miles before I parked it) core support. Has a plastic 19gal tank in the rear. Interior is great (seriously, it's amazing, it's like traveling back to the 1990s when you get in it) except for cracking around the instrument cluster bezel where aftermarket switches were installed. Frame isn't particularly rusty for its age. E4OD trans with ~150k on it. I installed a manual pedal assembly in preparation for a manual swap I never got around to. Same with cruise control, has the module and the steering wheel buttons but I haven't done the brake switch yet. Tons of wear items were replaced over the time I was driving it. I think the rear shocks are just about the only steering/suspension part that could use immediate replacement.

I keep the roller rockers (I'll give you a set of OEM rockers) and front lunchbox locker (negotiable). Comes with whatever f-series parts I think I won't need in the future which at a bare minimum includes a hood and big box of 5.0/5.8 engine harnesses and a good assortment of cosmetic trim bits.