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1968 Ford F-250 Prerunner Build


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Jan 7, 2021
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Lucerne Valley, CA
Ok so I have a 1968 Ford F250 that was previously a prerunner and I am rebuilding it into a 4x4 badass prerunner.

Going with a 6.0L LQ9 that I'm planning on running a single turbo on. 4L80 Trans and NP205 T-case.

Equal length D50 TTB front end. Fox 3.0 coilovers and 3.5 bypasses and 2.0 air bump

Cab will be getting 3 seats across with middle PRP seat being slightly smaller and easily removable to make room for a nice cooler/Fridge to do in its place when going on a weekend trip with only 1 person, 3 seats will be for weekends in glamis and such to give more rides.

Rear is D70 Dually axle that is trussed and tabbed. D80 Spool with 37 spline chromo axle shafts. 5.13 gears since lowest gears I can run in the front end. 3.0 coilover and 4.4 Fox Bypass out back 2.5 air bump.

Trail Ready Beadlocks with BFG Projects. 39's for now but would like to go with the BFG 40" tires in future.

Single spare tire

Rear will also be running a Harmon Fuel Cell bladder in a custom can that I made. Approx 55 gallons

Cab will be getting all windows put back in along with a aftermarket AC system, heater and Stereo along with my Tablet mounted for GPS and Torque app when needed.

Mcqueen Front Fiberglass and Probably go Mcneil rear bedsides like the brodozer wince i want to run stock tail lights as well.

I fail at photos on my computer so will take some more tomorrow and update this thread. I started on this build originall7 in 2014 and finally getting back on it after my accident and selling my house and moving back home

Follow along with my instagram tt.motorsports and my youtube since I'll be posting updated videos and photos on there as well as here. Youtube.com/ttmotorsports
Photos of the truck and the rust cab cage. Cage and rear axle truss I did when I first started this truck. Plans have changed and a few tubes will be removed/changed but overall it's staying as is





One more of firewall which will all be removed and a Window V will be added and tied into the frame. Trussed rear axle which will be getting a slight change with a Beefy D70 Rear diff cover and reworked middle part of truss with larger bolts


Here is the lower and upper link mounts I made. I am running uniballs on the lower link pivots. Will be running my TT-Motorsports 60in WIY links and cutting the frame to slip these on the end and inside at correct length from rear axle



WEll i suck at taking photos of the beams but the driver beam with the Diff is attached to the uniball pivot and has the truss on it. Tomorrow will start on the passenger beam with some tubes to tie the end and uniball pivot together.


Also many people ask why bother starting with an older truck and not just get a 4x4 90's F-150. Well in the great state of California if you start with 1975 - Older. You avoid smog aka can run motor swaps, fuel cell, etc and be perfectly find as long as you have your brake/turn lights and windows.

Older trucks have more class. :smokin:

I'll be following the build here.
Hell ya man, glad to see you back at it. And yes a bump is the right starting point, will be bad ass for sure if your building it. Good luck!
so much awesome in here, will be following for sure :smokin:
OK so I got the passenger beam tacked together and some gussets done on it as well. I will be boxing this beam in fully in the future as well. Got the truss tacked on the diff side beam. I need to remove it from my fixture to heat and hammer some spots that have a little more gab than i would like as well.





And my swag press brake it not long enough to do the truss in 1 piece per side AND the angle of getting it to fit against the pumpkin good was difficult. I will be doing an overlay on the middle pumpkin and the seams on the truss as well so it won't affect strength at all.
I love 60's-70's F series desert trucks! This thing will be sweet!

Why move the passenger side beam in front of the driver side? I don't think I've ever seen that before.
I love 60's-70's F series desert trucks! This thing will be sweet!

Why move the passenger side beam in front of the driver side? I don't think I've ever seen that before.

Driveline clearance maybe? Sand stuff is foreign to me so im taking a wild ass guess :shrug:

Awesome build, following along for updates. :smokin:
Also I have never seen a equal length ttb setup in person and only have seen some photos of another trucks progress AND it was never finished so who knows how it works. Back in the day when Trophy trucks had beams there was a class that it had to have working 4x4 so they did a similar setup with a tiny D28 aluminum diff but if it ran in 4x4 it would blow up but it worked enough for it to pass tech.
I guess I have never paid close enough attention to what I've seen online and I have also never seen anything similar in person. I was just looking at an old build of a 73 Blazer that used TTB and it looks very similar to what you have done so far. I think that build used a D44 center section and D50 outers.

I hope you keep us updated and get this thing finished, it will be awesome!
My son has a '65 2wd long bed and I have been looking at making a retro-runner out of it. The beams (2wd) seems so simple but I know it is a trap.
I am very interested in how this comes together, the progress so far is pretty sweet, I didn't think of mocking it up like you are, pretty smart.
I love seeing TTB setups getting built. I understand the mechanics and basics of the system, but it really seems like getting it running lots of smooth, consistent travel AND having good steering requires some TTB voodoo magic that I'm not aware of. So many tricks and design elements to consider...
Yeah I will be doing crossover steering as well and get to fit all that in there with the beams/axles/motor steering box etc. Gonna be fun
The shocks do mount below the centerline BUT when they mount below it keeps from flopping at compression BUT on rebound it it on wrong side of centerline and it allows the link to flop. Those wobble stoppers are made by blitzkrieg motorsports
A few more photos and started filming more to make a video on this stuff starting with the beams and will post the video when it's to the point of getting them under the truck and starting the beam mounts and notching crossmember and such. Second video will be mounting the motor/trans/t-case and cutting out firewall and rest of the floor



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