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CA 1951 Ford F6 Truck

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Nov 28, 2020
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Sacramento, CA
1951 Ford F6. Originally bought here in Sacramento at Burton Motors (became Downtown Ford). Bought it from a local farm years ago, but doesn’t look like I’m going to get around to it. One owner, I have title and both black and yellow plates. 80,640 miles.

8CM Mercury flathead runs well and 4 speed manual shifts, clutch works. Gas tank is in decent condition as well, water pumps leak a bit but gets way better as the rope seals swell. I still have the oil bath intake, just removed. No brakes and bad/rotting front tires so a trailer will be required. Besides getting it running and moving it around, it hasn't been driven in decades. Originally had a 2 speed rear axle but was swapped to a single speed banjo axle at some point in its life. I cut two feet off the back of the frame to make it easier to store (still have that section). The frame does have some rot in the mid section. 176” wheelbase if I remember correctly. Cab is mostly decent, one little rot on the drivers side rear cab corner, and one little rot section on the front drivers side fender. I added a solenoid and relay panel with MSD box under the hood to rewire it, but didn’t finish (only original wiring removed so far was for the headlights, which are included)

Located in Sacramento (Citrus Heights), $2000





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