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18 & 20 volt yard tools?


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May 1, 2020
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St.Louis, MO
Anybody have any?

Weed eater? Tree Pruner? Chainsaw?

Worth a damn?

I have the STIHL Kombi System with the 131 head but some of the attachments are almost as much as some of the Milwaukee or DeWalt units.
Just got 2 Makita weebtrimmers for work, they seem pretty slick from the first couple days we have used them. The reverse function is nice. Also have the leaf blower, it blows?

Chainsaws seem okay but are not gas unit, reviews seem all over the place on them though. I have a short bar Makita for trail clearing and it's okay, very compact but not geared as much as the dewalt.
I have a Milwaukee M18 chainsaw. It is OK but I wish it was a pruning style saw. I have a shit ton of M18 so it didn't make sense to buy another battery platform. FWIW I think Makita has the better idea of using 2 batteries for its high powered tools rather than a gigantic battery as does Milwaukee.
I have the Milwaukee m18 weed wacker and leaf blower. They both kick ass and it is a joy to use ery time. The leaf blower kicks so much ass for keeping my cement diveway and window wells leaf free.
I needed a pole saw, not something I see myself using it that frequently, so I didn't want to spend a lot. I looked for a used gas burner for a while, everything on marketplace was junk or near-junk priced as new. New Stihl gas pole saws are all junk according to the interwebs and $600 for a Husqvarna seemed silly for infrequent use.

I bought a $200 Dewalt 20V pole saw on Amazon.

What little I've used it, it's been more than enough, for typical homeowner stuff. I'd prefer it to be telescoping, it's not as balanced as I'd like at its full length and is a little cumbersome for Jewels to use, she's short and petite, but can "womanhandle" it with some effort, and you've got to have the trigger pulled with the chain at full tilt before touching the wood or it will stall.
I got the 56V Ego string trimmer :grinpimp: Runs great, don't have to fight the mixed gas, put the battery on and squeeze the go button.
I've got 20v dewalt stuff. String trimmer, leaf blower, hedge trimmer. All have been working great but I don't use them a ton because I'm slowly eliminating yard.
I bought the ryobi 18v trimmer blower combo for the rental house. I have some cheaper tools stashed there including other ryobi 18v tools so I figured Id give em a shot. They actually work really well. I can trim the house garage and sidewalks and still have enough juice to use the blower.
I just bought the Ryobi 18v pole saw, it has an 8" bar. I did a ton of liming at my moms and I was amazed at how the battery lasted and it cut great. It extends to 9.5' and is a bit awkward to handle that high up but does cut great. (Just gotta remember the bar oil) I am contemplating buying the weed trimmer now.
I have the Milwaukee blower and weed whacker, they are great. Their new weed whacker has a quick change accessory feature on the shaft for quite a few options including a pole saw.
I had the Makita duel battery string trimmer, it worked great but polished off a lot of older batteries I had. I gave all my Makita stuff to my kid and bought Milwaukee, the batteries are way better. I have the quikloc string trimmer with pole saw, hedge trimmer and one 3' extension. With 9ah batteries I can get all my weed wacking done with plenty of juice to spare, (two 5ah batteries in the makita didn't finish the job) Trimming out shooting lanes for deer blinds is way easier. The hedge trimmer works great for pruning the tops of apple trees.
I have changed out my blower trimmer and edger for 56 volt ez go from home depot. I have 2 batteries they last about just under an hour each with continuous use. Still debating on the mower. but would probably go with the 80 volt not that I think it means more power or torq just more time to cut the yard without stopping to charge up a battery to continue cutting the yard itself.
I got the Milwaukee pole saw a few weeks ago and it kicks ass. The 9ah battery definitely lasts longer than I do. I cut about 100 good sized cedar limbs and it still showed 75% charge. Would recommend.
I have a few different things. Ryobi 18V weed eater my wife bought before we were married, it did better than I thought it would in the small courtyard of our old townhouse. Dewalt 20V in-line blower I bought primarily for sawdust in my tool trailer, but it does a fine job blowing dry leaves and pine needles off concrete. You can do a reasonable sized driveway with it, but it’s not going to push piles of leaves. I just bought the Dewalt 20V chainsaw, I’d been wanting one to keep in my vehicle when running trails in the forest. So far I’ve only done some limbing with it, my biggest complaint is that it’s fairly grabby and seems to chew up what you’re cutting if it has any flex. I assume this is because the RPM/chain speed is so much slower.

I’ve also got pro grade Stihl versions of all those tools and there is zero comparison obviously if you actually need the power.
I have the handheld M18 Milwaukee hedge trimmer. Would buy it again if I had too.
Starting from scratch I’d go with the Milwaukee string trimmer and get the hedge trimmer attachment for it. I have a husqvarna string trimmer and sthil blower that still work and can’t justify replacing shit that runs.
Have had the greenworks 40v stuff for 3 years now. no issues.

my brother bought the kobalt 80V stuff and it's as nice, and cheaper.
bought my mother in law the kobalt 80v weed eater and it's just as powerful as the stihl gas unit it replaced.

unless it needs to run for hours, I'll never go back to small gas engines.
M18 weed wacker, works fine.

Had a Dewalt hedge trimmer (until it was stolen), which also worked just fine
I did the Kobalt 40V stuff about 4-5 years ago. Started with Mower and Trimmer. Then have added blower, pole saw, and chain saw. I'm in Phoenix, so I don't try to make the grass grow, but haven't had the motivation to go full rock/desert either. So I can go months without mowing, then bam, it's tall and weedy and shit.

The mower and string trimmer were always ok. Then a hoodrat felt he needed it more than me along with other stuff of mine. Replaced the mower and trimmer with the 80V Kobalt options about 2 years ago, holy shit do they have some balls now. :grinpimp:

The 40V saws and blowers are still plenty. The polesaw is great for dealing with the mesquite trees, the chainsaw bridges the gap when it's a little bigger and I can reach it up to the point I should stop almost hurting myself :lmao:

I've got Milwaukee 12V and 18V stuff in the shop, but getting the larger batteries and changing the yard stuff from blue to red hasn't been worth it.
Have the Dewalt 20v weed eater and chainsaw. The weed eater is nice, it does bog down in really thick tall grass and the line dispensing mechanism is prone to have shit wrapped up in it preventing line dispensing. I'm running aftermarket .080 line in it which may be why it bogs down a bit. The Chainsaw is an awesome little tool, us it all the time. Like said above its a tad grabby, but I reach for it over my Stihls just because of how small and light it is. Anything over 6" and you're better off going with gas though. Its great for limbing and pruning. Battery life is good on the saw, so so on the weed wacker. I got the combo pack where if you bought the weed eater with charger and battery you got the saw free, works for me.
DeWalt 20Vmax line trimmer, hedge trimmer, yard blower, & 2x20V lawn mower serve us very well for our small-ish yard.

Would not consider the DeWalt cordless chainsaw because flimsy piece of shit I would total in 1 day :laughing:

EDIT: already had a fleet of DW 20Vmax tools, so leveraged the existing battery pool.
M18 weedeater and chainsaw. I like them. Squeeze the trigger and they work. Fast and quiet.
Have had the Ryobi 18v stuff for a few years, it's decent, but now where near powerful enough.

Recently picked up a Ryobi 40v weed eater, hedge trimmer and chainsaw.... WOW! Night and day difference , they are almost as powerful as their gas counterparts.
got 40v shit. Blower works. I don't mess with the weed whacker.

Need to order pole saw attach.

Fawk yea
I have a mess of yellow batteries and been fighting a gas weed eater coming out of winter storage. Bought the 20v Dewalt and have been very happy with it.

Shit, got home from work yesterday and my wife was using the dang thing. Said it took a second to figure out how to start it (put a battery in) but she was trimming away when I was drinking a beer.