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  1. 9 1/4" vs. 8 7/8" Clutch in R151F

    Hello guys, need some info. Posted over on Pirate and was directed here. I'm currently working on a customer's vehicle. Its a 1984 Toyota 4x4 camper with a 22R. The customer has purchased a 22RE-T and R151F transmission that have been delivered on a pallet. End goal is a 22RE turbo 4x4 camper...
  2. AZ 2005 volvo s40 t5 turbo awd 6 speed low miles. SOLD

    Fucked engine:flipoff2: Selling for my out of state friend who's kid was going to drive this to Wisconsin, but overheated it in Tucson instead. I verified it got hot, and has minimal compression, they crunched the numbers and are not going to ship it. I'll have a title in a week or so. Very...
  3. CarterKraft

    Lets talk DIY turbos & DynoJet tuning

    Wifes rig has the 800cc Rotax V-twin. Because I am a tight ass I didn't want to spring for the extra 200cc at the tune of close to $5k at the time of purchase. At home and sub 1000' of elevation its fine, even plenty of power really even though it is only rated at 50 hp. I think ideal is a...
  4. Lil'John

    4.3L vortec refresh/upgrade path for eventual turbo

    Title is almost the short. Engine will get a turbo then get swapped into another rig. I already know that there are better swap candidates except for the fact that I have the 2000 4.3L vortec. Longer: 4.3L vortec in 2000 4wd S10 pickup. It had a mild overheat and it now sucks a little bit...
  5. Austin

    Turbo Housing Mod?

    Feel like the answer to this question is going to be “go for it”, but want to double check. I got my cab on and have little clearance between the turbo housing and the firewall when rotated in the position I’d like it to be in. There is a block on the housing that the company put its tag on...
  6. snivilous

    TH350 Transmission 2023-05-12

    TH350 Transmission, Credit to Randall E. on GrabCAD