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  1. YotaAtieToo

    Samurai leaf spring tech for 2023+

    So much old info out there on different leafs for samurais. Most just regurgitate "yjs or nothing" I currently have what I belive are Stock YJ rears in spua, and trail gear Sami rears up front also in spua. The front is working pretty well for my use and rides noticeably better than the rear...
  2. Tech Tim

    WA Camden Supercharger w/ Suzuki 1.3 & Toy 20R manifolds

    Camden Supercharger- Was originally on a Suzuki 1.3 about 10 years ago. Comes with: Suzuki 1.3 manifold Suzuki pulleys Weber carb adapter Misc. Suzuki brackets As a bonus comes with a Toyota 20R manifold Low miles, only ran for about a year on a friend's Samurai before it was stuck in a box...
  3. the_ham_sami

    U4 4600 Samurai "The Ham Sami"

    I've been lurking here for a while and figured I should jump in and do a write up on my Samurai. I bought it back in 2016, it was a rolling chassis (no engine, no transfer case and a basket of random parts in the back). I parked it on the property and it sat until late 2019, at that point I...