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  1. crispins

    Free RZR belts

    I got tons of them, I run them for 150 hours and change them. Those are street hours, not the same as off road. Belts look new still. Pay for shipping and I'll send you a few.
  2. JR4X

    NM U4 Race RZR

    Turn key race ready banded Ultra4 tagged Pro Mod class 4900 SXS. Blank slate, put your race number and sponsor stickers on it and go racing. Like any race car, the mods are to much to list, everything has been modified. 2023 teched and all safety equipment is good till the end of 2025 so you’re...
  3. Thumping

    RZR guys, please step in.

    I'm not real familiar with RZR's but sxs's in general. A friend of mine has a 2012 RZR 800s. The drivers side front tire lays in pretty bad...negative camber. I've looked it over and can't really determine what's causing it. Ball joints are new. Wheel bearings are tight. No obvious damage to the...
  4. Wades_76_cj7

    2018 RZR XP R&T 4wd

    So last weekend I did something to the 4wd in my RZR. First day it started making some growling noises when hard on the throttle in 4wd. I limped back to camp and figured it was a bad u joint. Ran into town to grab a couple Spicer joints for it. Friends pulled the DS while I did the parts run...
  5. crazybluerider

    OR RZR XP Turbo

  6. Wades_76_cj7

    Moccasin Gap (Dover) AR Trip pics

    Went to AR this past weekend with some friends and rode Moccasin Gap Just north of Dover AR. They got quite a bit of rain last week and the creeks and rivers were rolling. Very little if any dust and the weather was fantastic. Wife was visiting a gf so I was the only single in the group. Four...